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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

New Blog Up!

Thanks god the line in Games Lab here is good enough to let me update this=='''
Why I'm not updating for so long time is all because of the internet line problem...damn it...
How to do when I have my mood on to update blog post?
I opened a new blog on since line here too sucks to open

Sooooo.........My new blog site will be
The only problem doing on wordpress is that, I can't customize and design my blog as I like just as I just choose a simple design on my new blog.

My current posts on the new site will be as below.
Click this for my Kota Kinabalu trip post: Days in KK
Click this for my random post : When It Comes To Malay Language
Click this for my first post of the blog; New Life Opening

I just adapt so well in Labuan, and I found this this is a really lovely place.
It's super safety and peaceful, without any racist issue as we usually see in Peninsular Malaysia, almost zero criminal case in Labuan.
Even you left your car unlock and windows open and park at road side, your car will still staying there safe and sound without any item inside get lost!!!
Policemen here never drink coffee, once you got summoned, you got it and you have to pay for it, without excuses, without dicsount.
I feel like, I love Labuan more and more and more.

Something......funny(?) to share!
The Tamu gadang Festival was just finished in my campus, and I got to try something nice!

My super very first try on Tudung(Hijab?)!!!!!!
I felt awkward><
I bet I'm the first non-Muslin to had a try on that activity in my campus lol.

Then, two seniors(Dance-mate) came along to have a try xD

My first try on Hyena(Inai) Tattoo on that day too!

Had a try on floral crown too!
I never thought I'll look this way with the crown on xD

I will temporarily abandon this blog due to the line problem, but for sure I'll update if the line is good enough for me to update.
Follow my wordpress blog site, for more updates about my life here<3
Since it's a new blog, and I'm staying in hostel, I'll stop most sponsorship of products review.
I think the new site will be more interesting since I'm posting my life instead of commercial-ful thingies....
Even if I post product review post, the products mentioned are bought by myself with my own money for sure.
For now, I got my mood on to post makeup tutorial post!!! But I'm not sure whether I'm hardworking enough to make it =P
Keep on following me ya^^

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  1. Perkenalkan, saya dari tim kumpulbagi. Saya ingin tau, apakah kiranya anda berencana untuk mengoleksi files menggunakan hosting yang baru?
    Jika ya, silahkan kunjungi website ini untuk info selengkapnya.

    Di sana anda bisa dengan bebas share dan mendowload foto-foto keluarga dan trip, music, video, filem dll dalam jumlah dan waktu yang tidak terbatas, setelah registrasi terlebih dahulu. Gratis :)