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Thursday, 4 September 2014

20 Facts about Labuan

I'm now in UMS Labuan branch now and having hell like alike orientarion.

Well, after I registered myself one the first day I reached here, me and daddy, who followed me along here to help me out, went out and play around while buying stuff needed.
We spent a night in hotel, yup, not hostel.
We're allowed to stay with parents outside only on 1st Sept and days before. We must back to campus on 2nd Sept since there's a talk for us on the night.

Btw, let me start my topic as the title, and these are what I concluded in my visit.

1. You can find mosque/surau/any prayer place for Muslim everywhere.

2. Better fill your petrol tank of your car once you see petrol station because there're very little petrol station here! Ironically, Petronas has a factory(I'm not sure what it's called properly) of petrol here.

3. Only one hypermarket here, which is Financial Park Shopping Complex. No joke, only one.

4. Mini market everywhere! Those bigger mini market(?) with all the daily stuff sold.

5. Hotels / motels everywhere. Wherever you go, in town, sure you can see hotel!

6. Trees everywhere.

7. Tax-free shop everywhere

8. You see a chinese, wait, the person maybe a Malay. You see a Malay, wait, he person maybe chinese.

9. Local residents add 'bah' after the moat sentences they said.

10. The sky of 6:++am here is the same as that of 8:++am in peninsular Malaysia. The sky of 6:++pm here is the same as that of 8:++pm in peninsular Malaysia as well.

11. Rarely see stray cats and dogs.

12. Criminal cases are very rare here. Unless the suspect is outsider.

13. No traffic jam even peak moment unless road block or accident.

14. Police are rarely found on street.

15. Most of the shops here loves using words 'Labuan' or 'W.P.' or 'Sabah' or whatsoever similar words as the name.

16. Most of the local drivers have no the word 'break' in their dictionary of driving.
17. Peninsular people, you can never understand EM's Malay language!

18. Here's a Pasar Babi(means pork market) here near the market.

19. Very few people in hypermarket(financial park shopping mall) at 7:++pm and many shopssss are closed. Even underground car park has little cars only. Feel weird and creepy since you know how's the condition if in peninsular.

20. Labuan has their own electrical supply company, and also their own mineral water.

I should write 50 facts of Labuan  I think, since there're alotttttt differences between WM and EM. Just wish I able to survive here kay~
I shall stop here or you'll get bored.
And, I think this listing is enough to make you shock xD

Just as if you hope to know more, I'll add more in my another coming posts=)