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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Way To Go!

Okay, a good news to tell that........I'd get government university's offer!!!

Since that announced, sooooooooo lot of preparation needed, like...
Documents and copies that need to be proven.
Bank accounts.
Registration for uni and PTPTN.
Clothes and thingies needed.
Packing luggage which I may worry if I miss out anything.
Lastly, BUCKS!

Hye, I'm not sure what I wanna post about here, just...I feel like wanna talk something(talkative?)
But I suppose to be busying in filling forms right now! Just.....dragging some minutes of rest from those troublesome thing.....=(

I'm too worry of I make something mistakes in the documents and the registration since I'm going so far away from my home and no one will gonna make everything right if something terrible happen.
I kept on check and check and check just to look for something mistake to be corrected.
I dare not to click 'send' or 'yes'.

Another thing to be felt sad is, mommy not allowing me to bring my short pants there even if I'm wearing them in my hostel room only!
I really really really dislike middle length pants lol.

My mind is too messy now and suddenly I think of this, and then think of that.
Now I'm thinking to change my blog's design...duh....

Ahhhhhhh! Not to forget to mention about the medical checkup!
I went the government hospital today to ask for medical checkup for university, it cost RM100 and the result can only come out after 1 week time!!!
Then, I end up going to private which cost lower and the result come out faster...=='''

Had deal with the documents stuff the whole day and now still dealing with them, and tomorrow also will be the same....

I think the next deal station will be my super duper messy room......
Pack all stuff needed and throw or keep those not.
Btw, I'm gonna had a review about a feel good facial mask<3
Stay tuned ya<3

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