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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Snail Loving!

Okay, let's talk about snail in this post. Ermmm.....not really.
By the way, most of the girls scare of snail.
Maybe it's not 'scare' but 'hate' due to the....look?

Well, I'm one of weird girls, who not scare of snail.
I remember there's an animal preservative class when I was still in form 6, and I played with the snails and put them onto my palm .
They're just too cute!

Snails have a soooooooo great left behind every move they go, that's the secretion.
They have to secretion as lubricant since you all know that snails have no leg, they move by their 'belly', the secretion has a great moisturizing power and is super good lubricant.
The secretion able to repair skin too!
That's the reason why some beauty saloons provide snail facial treatment.
Like this!

I know it's kinda yucky to feel the snail-walk on your face.
So snail secretion facial mask launched!!!!

Well well wel....
It's already a very old news just that I never try a snail essence mask before...==
Until one day, I got sponsorship from HISHOP!!!!

I have to say that, I never think a snail secretion mask can give me any special effect, so the most facial masks I will buy are hydrating or moisturizing masks.
Now, I will say that I will give 100% good comment on snail secretion mask! Or, just DEOPROCE snail paper mask only?

Got my parcel!

The pinky box!

Guess what?
DEOPROCE is one of the brands under Samsung!

ALLLLLLLLLLLL korean....@@

Have a look on the ingredients<3
Thanks god it has English translation =P
It contain 1% of snail secretion filtrate and it sounds very little but 1% is kinda big amount in skincare products actually.

English version available=)))

Gonna have my very first try^^

After washing face, remember to put on toner k~
Toner enhance the absorption of the next skincare steps!

Dab in the toner

Surprisingly, the smell is very refreshing and nice.
Not a so snail smell xP

Honestly, the paper sheet is very soft and high quality.

The paper sheet able to carry a lot the essence liquid without making it drops everywhere!

Another surprise is, unlike other paper mask, it suit my face size!

Apply it onto your face, relax or do what-so-anything for 15 to 20minutes, then take it off.
I think of the repairing ability of the essence so I apply a little amount onto to chapped upper lips.

Actually, no immediate effect except moisture right after apply.
But, the next days, it really wows me.
My chapped upper lip which is due to sensitive according to doctor, recover to its actual condition!
My lips never be so pretty since the sensitiveness occur!
Means, it does repair your skin!
I think I will be DEOPROCE snail paper mask's loyal fans since after this.
I never feel so 100% satisfaction on any facial mask before!

You still can squeeze out one hand-full of essence liquid after application!
I didn't capture the picture since both both my hand are super wet.
Not to waste it, I applied on my neck too =PPP

After all, I am so thankful for HISHOP for giving me DEOPROCE snail paper mask.
Trust me, you will love it after trying it!

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