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Saturday, 23 August 2014


I'm not sure how I should start in this post.
It seems like I got too many things to be updated before I'm heading off to study in Labuan, Sabah.

I'm a beauty and lifestyle blogger more to a fashion blogger.
I hate wearing clothes for only once or twice and left it in my wardrobe.
It's kinda troublesome when I wanna clear them off, like what the condition now which I'm gonna leaving to somewhere far away and only back home twice a year.
I unable to clear them within around 2 weeks time!

I had resign from my day care work since the last Wednesday.
Then, when I'm tidying my clothes, I found some which are still new, and some which is still in a very good condition which I only wore once or twice.
Most of them are short pants, short skirts and dresses and sleeveless top, which I can't wear them in school area.
Instead of leaving them in the wardrobe for around 3 years, I chose to let them go at a cheap price, for those who want
So I posted it around and also on my facebook wall.

Someone silly commented down the post and asked me, whether I'm going to studying or selling clothes?
I was like, is this any relevant to you, of what I'm doing?
Then I replied the person that, I'm just clearing my clothes or how I'm gonna deal with them in the 3 years?

Then that person said, won't I back home? or can give them to my sister?
This is dammit f*cking hell.....  I only back home once to twice a year, some more I have too much clothes already. And, everyone saw my sister before, know that she is much taller than me, and the size is also bigger than me. I'm wearing big S to small M, but she's wearing L to small XL. How you want her to wear my size?! Idiot isn't it?
I just replied, back home twice a year? I have too many clothes already. Is my sis look like my size?

Then I'm not sure the person found that her action already annoyed me or not. He/she replied me that, how can I say about my sis that way~ Kao lat (hokkien, meaning kinda like, not good or over)
I directly replied that, he/she was the one who mentioned my sis first.

Then he/she said, he/she mentioned my sis first but I'm the one who describe my sis that way and my sis will be sad if she sad that.
Dahell..... Is the person saying that I'm insulting my sis about her size? It's much more hurt if I give her my small size clothes okay! Use your brain! Don't act kind!
I tried to calm my anger and replied, that's obvious truth. Anyone can see the difference between our size.

He/She said, at the time I back home, my sis's size may become as same as mine.
I just replied that I don't want to take the risk, how if she's not? Who gonna deal with my clothes?
I replied this way, because I understand my sister well. She's not the type who will deliberately diet, and, her bone is big in size, and this makes her L even she's skinny.
That person then just said hahahaha.

Honestly, that person is older than me, but I think her EQ and even IQ is lower than mine.
Yes, I'm a hot-tempered girl, but I don't trying to disturbing people in that way!
What I did is my own business! If he/she has the ego not to take second hand stuff, doesn't mean that others act the same too!
I don't mind to take second hand stuff, as long as it is still in a very good condition.
Some more, the picture of the pants I posted are brand new! I bought it but just never have chance to wear them! So what's the big deal if let those who want to take them in a much cheaper price, which I bought them at RM30++ each but letting go at RM15 each!

Not to tell that, I was once think that, he/she is  a very good big brother/sister because he/she experience more so  he/she can gimme more knowledge.
Just the first time he/she broke his/her image, was the comment under my online business post.
I sell Pobling facial cleansing brush online, in RM90 including postage.
I posted a picture which caption about that, he/she commented and said that, he/she only get his/her stock at RM50 each. (He/she has his/her online business too)

Why the hell you comment that under my post? Try to grab customers or attention?
Never tell me that you gonna sell your Pobling at RM50 okay!

I replied, I get mine in much higher price, so I'm selling it in higher price.
He/she then said, is that I get my stock more than RM50?
I replied him/her that I do get mine in price higher than RM50.
He/she just said that he/she get a lower price than mine.

I was thinking, is that you wanna show off? or grab customers or attention? or try to attract me to get stock from him/her?

I directly replied him/her, said that, since I have my trust-able supplier and stock, I don't mind to get it in higher price.

Then, the same as the same I complaining above, he/she just replied, HA HA HA HA.

I remembered last time, he/she told me that, there're people talking her bad online and spread around.
He/she even said that, he/she has a better background to attack those who spreading the bad, via online.

SO, now I understand why there're people complaining about him/her.
Before these happened on me, I thought there're people who love spreading fake news.
After these happened, I know that, it's his/her manner problem.

You're a big boy/girl, even older than me. Stop being silly la!

Well, in fact, I wanna write a korean mask review in this post, but not sure why it's turning a grumbling post. Duh...

It's okay, I'll post about that in the next post.
And will prepare for my 'favourite products' post and also thinking of 'skincare routine' post.


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