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Thursday, 17 July 2014

All Because of SUN!

From the title, you'd know what I wanna talk about, and it's a problem which most people face no matter races.

I have a fair skin, BUT, this is the reason why I need more protection since lack of the protection from the pigment, melanin. Somehow, most people wish for a fair skin, than a darker skin.

Okay, let me tell you some facts.

'UV' is no longer a new word for us.
UV can be classified into 3: UVA, UVB and UVC.
UVC - mostly get filtered by the ozone layer, don't worry.
UVB - 'works' only on the thin outer layer of skin, which cause only outer problem like getting darker and sun burn.
UVA - deadly dangerous, 'works' into the skin, which will cause aging and skin cancer.

Because of these shitty things, WE NEED SUN PROTECTION PRODUCTS!!!

Do you ever know that, sun protection product is grouped into 2 - chemically and physically.
Chemically sun protection product is so called sunscreen.
Physically sun protection product is called as sunblock.

What's the differences between sunscreen and sunblock?
Sunscreen ( chemically )
Lighter texture which is much watery
Penetrate into skin to act as UV filter
Works about 15~30 minutes after applying cause penetration takes time
Mostly higher in protection value
Contain paba which may harm the skin

Sunblock ( physically )
Heavier texture which is like cream or lotion
Form barrier on skin to reflect UV
Works upon apply
Mostly has no certain protection value since it's just a barrier
Contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide

Which is better for skin?
From my research, sunblock will be more kind to skin. Sunblock is not absorbed into skin so won't cause any bear for skin.

What's SPF and PA?
SPF stand for sun protection factor, which mean for UVB. The number value after 'SPF' is the multiple of times which your skin get burned. Example, your skin takes 10 minutes to get burned, after you apply a SPF20 product, the time your skin takes to get burned is x20, means 10 minutes x 20 = 200 minutes.
PA is for UVA, each + symbol after 'PA' stand for around 2 hours. So, when you get a PA ++ product, your skin is protected from UVA for about 4 hours.
You must reapply sun product before the protection period end to ensure the protection.

Is that higher protection value the better?
Not really, choose what you need is better than choosing something you want. Because extra 'protection' which is no needed will only bring bear for your skin. If you're going to school or work, which you spend most of the time indoor, a product with SPF25 PA++ is enough. If you're going to spend a long time outdoor, then a product with SPF50(or above) and PA+++ is perfect.
Just, nothing last forever, remember to reapply.

In this post, I wanna recommend a sun protection product.
Guess what inside?


Tadaaaaaa!!! It's Sun Off A Beach Anti-Aging Sunblock from hishop!

At the back!

The design of the packing is very handy with this hook(?) so you can hang it on your bag to be brought along anywhere.

Hang it like this!

To be brought anywhere!
So you won't forget it at home~

Sun Off A Beach is kinda new for Malaysian but it's a common brand in USA!
What's wow-er? It's Malaysia product!
It have different range of sunblock, which are sensitive, anti-aging, sports and kids!
I choose anti-aging, because I SCARE OFF AGING!
I'm the typical girl who sleep super duper Justin Bieber late at night, which will lead to the lose of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin! So I need extra care in this since I'm no longer a teen!

Don't judge a book by it's cover! Let's look what's inside!
It's a sunblock with SPF50, PA not stated but I think it can sure protect my skin since it's forming a barrier on my skin! Contain no paraben (good!), no paba (of course since it's a sunblock!), oil free (great for me! anti-aging doesn't mean oily) and water resistant!!! It even contain ceramides which able to keep skin hydrated! So the water in my skin won't evaporate? Haha!!!! Lousy joke...==

So sad, the ingredients are not stated...=(
Nevermind! I have google!
Ingredients: Titanium oxide, aqua, Polyster-8, Phenoxyethanol, Allantoin, Ceramide, Shea Butter, Squalane, Penthlene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Fragrance.

I was about surprised after knowing the ingredients! You can see, alot skin-loving ingredients like allantoin, ceramide, shea butter, and even squalane!!!!!! another one is sodium hyaluronate which will turn to hyaluronic acid!!!
It's a truly sunblock since the main sun protection ingredient is titanium dioxide!
Can you get another reason to not having one? Honestly, I can't. Especially as I'm living in this super duper justin bieber hot country!

Apply method and time for reapply: Refer to the back of the bottle=)))

Now, let's try it out!

Apply a small abit on my hand.

Swatch. It turns too much...@@
Very easy to swatch off, very light.

The before and after. -with flashlight on.
As you can see, it's slightly whiten my skin.
It leave very minimum greasy feel on my skin if compare to other sunblock.
Mention another time, sunblock will form barrier on the skin and won't be absorbed into skin.
So, it'll leave a little greasy feel on you cause the lotion is still on your skin!
Sunblock will 'whiten' your skin because it's left on the skin, unlike sunscreen.
Luckily it not turn my skin super white haha xD
It's really non-oily, just the feeling of baby lotion haha!

Try the smell. As the package show, I still thought it will be like very strong smell.
But nope, the smell is very very very light and even make me think that it maybe contain no fragrance!
I can't use very fragrance-tic thing cause it'll cause my skin itchy.
This sunblock contain fragrance but is very little amount and not causing any discomfort on my skin. =)

I even tried it on my boyfie's hand xD
ps: I'd put too much for him...=.=

Overall, as I said, I can't find any reason to not have it. No rubbish chemical like other sun protection products. Light fragrance. A lot skin loving ingredients(especially squalane!!!). Super reasonable price. Non-oily. Not harming skin. Non-pore clogging. Suitable any skin type. Very handy and portable. Light texture. Absolutely the best sunblock I ever used!

THANKS to Hishop for this lovely thing^3^

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WAIT!!!!!!Not the end yet!
Here's some information I got from Sun Off A Beach official site!
Credit to sun off a beach.

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Happy Shopping^^

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