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Monday, 2 June 2014

Simple DIY Mask I Love♥

It's a kinda long time from my last post!
I think I haven't post any tutorial for a long long time, so I decide to make one NOW!

It's a very good conditioning, hydrating, clarifying yet economic mask, which you need only a Nano White treatment toner and some pieces of facial cotton pad!

First, tear each cotton pad into into 2 so it's thinner and won't waste any drops of your toner. In the pic, I use only 3 pieces of cottons, and turn 6 after tearing.

Second, put the cotton pads neatly in a bowl or tray or anyhing else. Neatly stated because it's kinda difficult to take each piece of the damp separated cotton pads. 

Third, pour your toner onto the cottons, control the amount as you like. For me, I'll mix a little drinking water in it just to make the cotton wet. Make sure every piece of cotton has soak in the equal amount of toner.

Lastly, put every pieces of cotton pads onto your face, and left for around 30 minutes, then just take off the cotton!

You're done!
The effect is super good!
You can choose any toner you like.
You can also mix up your toner with water or few drops of your face serum, then only you soak the cotton  pads in it before putting on face!

Hope it helps♥

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