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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mutter on the Skin

Not a review post, nor the next part of the previous post, but just to mutter about my opinion on skin care thingies.

It may increase your curiosity towards my next post. Perhaps. I hope so, lol.

I was called as an expert about skin things among my friends, but I know, there're much many person who are much more expert-er than me.

Most of the brands found in the drugstore like Watsons and Guardian, in my area, I'd tried. I didn't say 'products' but 'brands'.
Not the chicken essence pls.

There're many people out there who want so eagerly to get a super good products, at a super cheap price.
Is it possible? I didn't say not.

Anyway, how can you so want to get a counter brand's standard things at a super cheap price?
Unless,  you make it yourself, then it will be foc.

I don't have a super good skin, but it's transforming.  Not all my products are pricy, as you can know from my post.
Maybe there're a few cosy things but I'll make sure the price is worth the products, or not.
I won't pay hundreds on something shit that won't works on me. I paid that, once, on a pimple gel. It's very very small bottle, sure, not over hundreds, but if it's 30ml, for sure over hundreds.
It doesn't work, f*ck that. Regret til die.

When I was younger in age, I  used to buy a lot of skin care things and try them up.
For sure, sometimes it will be like I throw the money into the sea which end up nothing, or shit. But there are also many times that I paid a cheap price for a very good thing which really works on my face.

I love to try out skin products, for sure I wish to try all the products in store. I know that is impossible although those products are very cheap but when add them up, it turns very pricey.
I know it couldn't be, so, for now, I won't like simply enter the store and use my sixth sense to search for products.

I may have not a cosy face wash, but for serum thingies and the washing tools, I really willing to spend the money, but first I must make sure that they work well.

How do I make them sure?
I do alot of research through google!
Google is the best friend, always!
I read bloggers' reviews, I read the users' reviews, I read the article of the products, I read the ingredients.  When I can have around 80% positive thinking towards tha certain products, I'll buy.
Or, I'll wait for the promo season until it's sold at a cheaper price.
I don't hope to throw my hard-earn money into sea like that.

I'd told, I love to try out products. So I rarely continue using a certain products after finishing the first container, unless I really love it.
There're quite many 'current love' products, which may turn into my 'forever love' products.

I'd new bought 2 bottles of face cleanser, which can be used as body wash too.
I got them from my god sister, which the cleansers are home-made by her friend.
It's really homemade, my god sister visited the place she made the products before.
Organic, no chemical.
Somemore, the most lovely words,  cheap price.
I'm thinking to bring them in for selling purpose.
Imma skincare-holic, I, for sure wishing to get a good and effective yet cheap price products, that's why I want to bring them in.
And also Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser too.
I once unable to afford any face cleansing brush since even manual brush cost alot.
I hope more people able to get it in so I'm bring the brush in too!
*Leave me a comment if your interested in any of them, or you can email me at or wechat me: ElioJ too*

For further question like, why using a brush instead of hand? Or, why there're certain organic products causing trouble on my skin?
I'm gonna answer them in the next post cause if I write them here, there will be nothing to be discussed about in tje next post!

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