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Monday, 26 May 2014








番外: 老实说,我觉得'爸爸去哪儿'比'爸爸回来了'更好看!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Born and Guide

I am now work as a teacher for kids day care while waiting for all the applications respond.

One thing I found very wonder and weird is, why the parents able to born the kids and spend money on them but can't even spend an extra minute on them to guide them?

What I can normally see is when the kids have any problem no matter on their manner or study, most of the parents complain about is teacher!

Hey! Kids are yours, not ours!

Okay, let's just say, if, I mean if!
If the kids manner and study are our problem, then, can we push your kids on it?

Yup, I know you will say you care about your kids so we can't fprce them or push them. Even we do anythings that may make them cry, it's also out fault!

Then, can you tell us the perfect way to teach your kids, which is will satisfy alllllllll your unreasonable needs?

You hope we can fulfill what your kids want while fulfill your needs too?
Is it possible?
Kids want to play, no homework, no studies, no book. Only TV, cartoon, games and toys. When we can't fulfill what they want, they cry. Then it's our problem. Damn!
You want your kids won't cheat, good manner, superb exam result. Yes they might can be that perfect if they are genius and genetically an obedient kids. But is your kid a genius? Then how can you dream for sooooo much as your kids play whole day? Our problem again. Damn!

The conclusion is, your kids' problem, is also your problem. Don't expect us to turn your kids a perfect child while your kids want to play and you want them to be genius.
Play can't make genius.
If you able to born your kids, guide them on your own based on what you want.

Before I end the post, good news to tell♥
There's a new hair saloon will be opened in Alor Setar, Kedah on 18th of May!

It's Omorfos Hair Saloon!
And there's a grand opening promotion which is 50% off for chemical services like rebonding, color and perm, until 30th of June.
Oh ya, the saloon is in Taman Berjaya, the same row with White Coffee restaurant, it's at 1st floor.
For more or appointment, phone or text to 011-26535701