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Friday, 28 March 2014

What's Best in Your Skincare Products {Acne Prone Skin and Oily Skin}?

Hey babe!
Not to deny that, bathing is he best moment for thinking haha xD
So I decide to make this post!

Do you ever really read the ingredients every time you buy your skincare products?
I bet most of you don't, am I correct? Somehow, I do. I always read the ingredients!
Now I wanna take about the most troublesome skin, that is acne prone skin and oily skin first.
Because these are the most common skin problem found in Malaysia, or...I should say South East Asia.

Okay, stop nonsense, it's start! Before that, I wanna claim that I'll just telling five active ingredients here. I don't mention, not mean it's not good, just that you have to search about the info of that.


It's an anti-bacterial agent which able to kill germs, fungus, and bacterial.
It's the main active ingredient in products which is anti-bacterial.
You can find it in Dettol body wash, Colgate toothpaste, Oxy face wash, and etc.
In skincare products, it able to prevent inflammation and formation of pimples which caused by bacterial.

Next, α-HYDROXY ACID (Alpha Hydroxy Acid, AHA)
It's derived from fruit, like malic acid(from apples), citric acid(from oranges), glycolic acid(from sugar cane) and tartaric acid(from grape wine).
It's mainly used to reduce wrinkles and sign or aging.
Somehow, it able to cleanse your skin deeply too!
It's good in clean off dead skin cell!
You can find it in most of the skincare products, and the most used AHA is citric acid. As example, Hada Labo Tamago Hada AHA+BHA series.

Third, it's a friend of AHA, BHA!
β-hydroxy acid(Beta Hydroxy Acid)

Its even better than AHA, means, it's able to penetrate deeper into skin to clean off impurities, compare with AHA.
The most well-known BHA should be salicylic acid, which commonly used in anti-aging products and also acne products.
It can be found in Neutrogena fash wash, Garnier Pure Active series, Hada Labo Tamago Hada AHA+BHA series and other products which promise anti-aging function and deep cleansing function.

There's another type of hydroxy acid, which is Gamma Hydroxy Acid. It's used in anti-aging products but it's rarely used yet.

Okay, the coming is, TEA TREE OIL

It's also known as melaleuca oil, an essential oil which has a refreshing camphoraceous smell.
It's has the same function with triclosan, yet able to control oil secretion for oily skin. It even useful in curing dandruff, lice, herpes and a wide range of skin problem!
Don't confuse it with tea oil, they're totally different things and Tea Tree Oil cannot be eaten cause it's toxic when you taken by mouth.
The tea tree oil that we commonly seen in skincare products is extracted from plant named Melaleuca Alternifolia.
It's famous in skincare products for acne prone skin and also other products like hair wash.
It can be found in The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil series, Thursday Plantation, Naruko Oil Cut series and etc.

In skin care, it's used in acne treatment. It's included in WHO's model list of essential medicine!
It works as peeling agent. It increases skin turnover, clearing pores and reducing the bacterial count!
It's can be found in most of the pimple clearing gel(or cream) and also skincare products for oily skin or acne prone skin.

So, now you know what you have search for if you have acne prone skin or oily skin?
Another suggestion for oily skin is, search for products with clay, zinc or charcoal. These helps in clearing excess sebum and impurities. Zinc even has the function of make your pores smaller!

Useful enough? If you have any question, just comment below and I'll answer it!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pamper Up! Clinicell Oral Skincare!

Herloo babies<3
It's been a kinda long time since my last update.
Just now when I was bathing, I was thinking that I can do a new post about self pamper up, moreover, weekend is coming soon so this maybe kinda useful! Perhaps =/

This is a commercial post? I hope it is not since I just wanna share something.
Too much commercials may make my blog boring! And I don't want my readers feel bored!
Somehow, I have a super good product which is sponsored by to be posted so I think I may also make all combined and share about that too!
As you can see, there's Ginvera Real SPA Green Tea Revitalizing Shower Scrub, Clinicell Oral Skincare Collagen Drink, Skinz UV White Intensive Whitening Serum, L'oreal Professional Vitamino Color smoothing cream a.k.a. leave in treatment, L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Nourishing hair masque, charcoal konjac sponge which is a facial wash sponge, Ginvera Green Tea Repair and Nourish night cream and lastly Combo Skin Tea Tree face mask!

I do love Ginvera products since quite a long time ago and yes they give good effect!
That's not the first real spa scrub I bought but I used Lavender's before. It gives a relax sensation which calms your mind and body, like a real spa! And the scrub adds more cleansing power on it! About the night cream, that's my first night cream ever and I loveeeee it! Do really repair my skin  when I'm sleeping! Non-greasy, non-oily and fast absorption!
Next, to the serum. I don't really like whitening product. First, I don't need it since my skin is fair enough. Second, some whitening products cause trouble on me!  Reason of buying it....hmm....I don't know, I just simply want a serum =P
Then, L'oreal professional series! My hair's favourite! But if comparing both of the products, I love the hair masque more, teehee=P
The konjac sponge, I got it from Sasa, had forget what the brand is. But once starting using konjac sponge, you will never quit it, believe me.
Combos Skin Tea Tree face mask! Got some prob due to sleep super late yet not enough sleep, so may need this. Refreshing Tea Tree oil smell, the paper sheet has a good texture and cutting!
The highlight of the day! Clinicell Oral Skincare Collagen Drink from!!!
It's superb in anti-aging and whitening! On me, it does reduce my skin prob!
You will not love to imagine how your skin will be if you sleep about 3am every night and wake up at 8am everyday. No, I even sleep at 4am!!!

Got it when I still in my bed ><

So well wrapped by bubble wrapper, thanks

Unwrap it!

About 15 packets in each box!

I am so so so lucky to be chosen by to get this sponsored and to post about it for you guys!
This is awesome products!
For supplements, we all know that liquid state is much much more effective than solid state, isn't it?
Now let's see what's the benefits it brings!
1. Anti-oxidant
2. Anti-aging
3. Skin Whitening
4. Firms up skin
5. Protects skin from UV
6. Improves skin ability to hydrates itself
7. Reduce pimples, wrinkles and freckles
8. Helps to strengthen hairs
9. Reduces joints and muscle pain
Clinicell claims that: "We are using 100% all natural active ingredients to ensure your health and beauty experience is safe with maximum result. Feel the difference within two weeks."
So, let's see the ingredients: Fructose, maltodextrin, orange extract, fish collagen, citric acid, acerolla cherry, L-gluthathione, malic acid, astaxanthin and permitted flavour. 

Let's goes to direction!
You need 150ml of lukewarm water(40 degree to 60 degree celcius) or cold water.

Empty the content of sachet into the water.



The recommended dosage: 1-2 sachets 30 minutes before breakfast or before bedtime for maximum result.

The result end up like..........
It really taste good like an orange juice and even better than orange juice!
Well, I only take it before bedtime and even I only take it for about one week, can already feel the effects.
First, my hair. I have oily scalp but very dry hair until split end never stop! Somehow, the split end had disappear and my hair turns normal!
Second, and most important, skin. I am only 20 and my skin is naturally fair so I can't feel the result in these two point but, the pimples are really reduced are the scars faded!!!!! Some more, my skin become hydrated, no more dry until the epidermis layer of T-zone flake off. As what I said earlier, you can never imagine how your skin will be if you sleep at about 3 to 4 every night but wake up at about 8! If I never take the Clinicell Oral Skincare Collagen Drink, my skin will be super oily, pores super big until ant can enter, pimples and blackheads all love me much! I'm not imagining, this happened before! Thanks god sent me this awesome product! And, I found that the pores of my body skin are become smaller!!!

Now, I'm gonna show you the before and after!
I wear no makeup in both of the pics and the pics never get edited!

You can see the scars and pimples very clear even you're not enlarge it.

Not with the recommend period which is 2 weeks but only 1 weeks. As you can see, scars faded, pimples reduced! Some more, my lips color turns lighter =PPP

I can't stop loving this goodie!

For more information, 
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Let's have a 'bo-ing bo-ing' and reflective(?) skin together with me and hishop!

Monday, 3 March 2014

I Got My New Phone!

Yes, I'm very sure that you know it if you follow my fb haha xD
I'd got my new phone and it was a present from my grandpa, it's a Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos =)
I now it's not a superb smartphone compare to iPhone and the latest, S5, but it's enough for me!

Being a blogger, it's really really really bad thing to start her first post of 2014 in March since it's toooooooooo late!
And yes! It comes worse if the first phone is not about life but an advertorial post doh.....
Since I said, I am a super lazy blogger.....and I never said I'm a good

Not really advertorial actually. As I start the topic with my phone, I'm gonna talk about handphone!

I'm not a person who really follow the stream of gadget and also not the type who always wanna change phone.
My first handset is Sony Ericsson T610 and the handset is still in my drawer xD

VGA camera, not memory card slot, no mp3 supported, limited text message storage, and the mooooooooost famous problem of SE phone last time is the button!
It's a realllyyyyyy bad phone if compare to the phones nowadays, but at that time, it's a quite good phone, isn't it?

And then, my next phone also a Sony Ericsson! It's K660i!
Since the phone become mine, I was totally a SE fans!
The settings and files are very simple if compare to other brands!
The only sad things is the menu icons can't be costumed like Nokia's!
As you see in the pic, the keypad buttons are separated, so it makes me easier in typing, means minimal typing error!

My third phone is Nokia phone. I know you will like, huh? Don't you say you like SE?
Yes I like SE, but since my k660i spoilt, my dad gimme his phone, 6300.
It's quite simple, nice, small, thin yet heavy!
I think it's material are mostly metal...=/

After my first Nokia phone, my next two phones are also Nokia.
They're C3 and 302, both with QWERTY keypad.

Then, it's my current phone, Galaxy Grand Duos.
Yes, it's white in colour!
I love it too much until buy alot cases for it lol.
Not to tell that, actually all the old phones of mine are still in my home lol xD
Keep for yearsssssss and they maybe very valuable one day, who knows? xD

After the history lesson of my handphone, now, I wanna let you know, which is the ideal phone for me, for every element.
It's Apple's iPhone!
The design of iPhone turns super nice since iPhone4! Th 5s gold color really take my heart away!
The storage, minimum is 8gb. Fit in one hand. Many cute and nice cases can be easily found.
No lag. Last for yearssssssss.
Only iPhone users know the goodness!

There're toooooooooo many sites show the details of every each of the phones I mentioned, so I bet I won't need to copy the details and paste it here doh.....

Thinking to buy a new handset but dunno which to buy and worry about the budget?
No worry! Go and shop slowly, think clearly and compare every each phone well!
Not only phone, they selling camera, laptop and also tablet!
You can get the accessories of electronic gadgets in ipmart too!
Besides, they even sell smart watches!!!

Goodie time!
Exclusive for my dearest readers, 
Here's a discount code, which gives you RM15 discount for minimum purchase of RM100
Act fast since it's only valid until 31st of March! No worry, the code got no limit usage!
You can share it to your friends and family too!

Spread it!

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Keep in touch ya<3