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Monday, 6 January 2014

Let V Smile with HER Hygiene Cleanser

I admit that I'm a very lazy person, and now I'm getting lazier and lazier lol.
Tell you all a ridiculous thing, this is my first post of 2014 and it is a product review when everyone have their first post about 2014=.='''

Anyway, I got a good news for female especially for girls in puberty phase who still need more knowledge about girly thingies!

About girls' secrets, we always think about sanitary pad and menstrual thingy.
For young ladies, no one think about feminine wash except those who face minor bacterial infection around the feminine area or urinogenital organ. Everyone thinks that females at the older ages like 3* and above only, need feminine wash. Most of the young ladies think that wash the intimate part with only tap water or with body wash is enough..
Actually, NOPE!

Do you really think that tap water able to clean your intimate area well? 
I don't think so since tap water may contain bacteria too and tap water is unable to kill harmful bacteria.
Do you think that body wash can be used to clean your intimate area? 
It's ridiculous! The pH value of your intimate area is 3.8 to 4.2! Body wash with skin pH is 5.5 and it's alkaline to you intimate area! Somehow, pH value of most body wash available in market is higher than 5.5 and yes, it is worse!

Before I introduce some goodie for you, let me explain this first!
Under normal conditions, the vagina has a pH balance of between 3.8 - 4.2 and is colonized by good bacteria, lactobacilli which helps provide a defense against infection. Lactobacilli help maintain vaginal acidity by producing lactic acid, whereby providing the vagina inhospitable for many other micro-organisms.
So, you know why girls have to use feminine wash to wash your intimate area?

Here's a excellent product I wanna let you know!

Given by!
Thanks Hishop=D
But this time, it's not sent with the pinky box~

Look at the peachy pinky colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*exciting*

The introduction, direction and caution!

My most concern, ingredient!

Formulated in England, is it the reason why it's excellent?

The shape of the box is kinda unique huh~


Open the bottle and try the smell<3

It's smell is like menthol and chinese herb oilment, very refreshing!
I think it's because of the ingredient which contain menthol and eucalyptus oil.

A pamphlet available in  the box too! Let's see what else about the cleanser!
For the direction, I suggest you to follow what's printed on the pamphlet and I follow this too!
And yea, it's suitable for ladies of all ages. Somehow, I don't really suggest girls to start using feminine cleanser at a very young.

You can use it daily and even when you are in menstrual periods!

Let me show you the steps!
1. Wet your vaginal area.
2. Apply HER Hygiene Cleanser
3. Gently massage area, left it for 1 minute, rinse off.

Of course I'm not showing my intimate area! That's my arm!!!! xDDDDD

Some more to tell about Her Hygiene Cleanser!
1. It can be used on armpit and leg to relief the skin and remove odour.
2. It's suitable for males too!
3. Contain no SLS and SLES.
4. pH between 3.5 to 4.0
5. Suitable for hypo-allergic.
6. Contain Aloe Vera extract and Eucalyptus oil, which is super moisturizing, able to soothe the skin, repair the skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacteria and anti-oxidant.
7. Help to preserve vaginal area aco-system.
8. Paraben(preservatives) free and alcohol free.
9. Leaves icy-cool feel after every wash.

What I say?
Honestly, I do face minor skin itch around the  area after my menstrual period and I find no way to get rid of it. I know health care products or skin care products are not magic and they won't show result in just one try. But HER hygiene cleanser is really magical! It do relieve my skin by the icy-cool feeling after wash and cures about 70% after the first try! After the second try, my itch skin of the area is totally cured! As what I feel, it able to cure minor bacterial infection of urinogenital organ too! Besides, I really loves the icy-cool feeling it leaves! It's refreshing and makes me feel clean! It really do work like what it promises!
What I said here is 100% honest and real. It's what I feel towards the product based on what it gives me.

This hygiene cleanser is my first feminine cleanser ever! A thousand thanks to for giving me this or I will never found it and my problem will not be cured so fast!

Love it? is having a great package of HER Hygiene Cleanser! Buy two and get one free!
Click here if you hope to know more or if you're interest to grab it!

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Will blog about skin care for blackheads problem on my next post, stay tuned<3