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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Am Talking To Myself

I'm not talking really talking to myself lol.
Just, sometimes, there're always some a**hole love kutuk people by nothing!
Usually I don't use these words to reply back unless I really x boleh tahan, or, the same person enjoys keeping on cari pasal kat I!
Here're some words of me, use to defense myself, in a more polite way, which no rude words used!
Of course, I rare to use these words to attack back and if I used, mostly are just jokes!
My friends know me well enough to differentiate the bombs and the jokes and I rare to use such sentence to reply them=D
Let me show you how to stop annoying conversation with just a sentence!

Others: Why is your hand writing like shit?
Me: I'm not writing, I'm sketching your face!

Others: Eh, tua pui!(fatty)
Me: *touch the person's tummy*, be good and don't let your mom suffer ya~

Others: Why you choose him as your BF???? He's ***'s ex!
Me: I bet you and your gf/bf are first love of each other!

Others: Aiyooorrrrrrrr!!!Why you wearing makeup????Such young age no need makeup one larrrrr~
Me: So you become like this lorrr!

Others: Aiyorrrrrrrr!!! It's just a normal friends meet up, need makeup meh??????
Me: Is it the reason why you being so lazy to beautify yourself?

Others: Why you wearing so less?????    (Too sexy, the meaning is)
Me: It's because you can't wear this way!

Others: Eat eat eat, eat so much, you'll become a pig some day!
Me: Don't worry, I won't become another you=)

Others: Why your boobs become so smallllll??????
Me: When you build an airport????????O.O

When I post my picha up to fb, there will always be a guy nak cari pasal kat I!
He: Don't you know Ghost Festival is already finish?
Me: Then why you're still here?!

As I said, I rare to use such sentence to fight back, so, mostly, when others words abuse me, I'll just reply a very simply word: THANK YOU!
This is the most effective words to stop further sh*t words for the other.

Lastly, this is for unmarried couple.
Others: When you gonna marry?
You: At the time when you prepare enough money for my angpau, wedding gift, and dinner entrance angpau!

*In Chinese traditional, the elder who had married have to give angpau for newly-married couple on the ceremony. The close relatives have to give jewellery too!*
Angpau is a red, small paper packet which put money inside, usually given by married and older generation to the younger , non-married generation on CNY. Google 'angpau' then you'll know!

Here're just a very small parts of the collection! Just........I can't think for more in a sudden, so if you can think of any condition, tell me and I'll make addition into this post!
*Triangle bracelet and the vintage ring were bought from the same shop as the studded bracelet which I'd mentioned in previous post*

ps: No edit on the pictures posted in this post!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Review: O'slee Rosehip BB Cream

I'm really lazy to update yet still force myself to update LOL
Lazy, is the only reason why I no update for dayssssssss><

As I mentioned, I'm gonna post about my O'slee Rosehip BB Cream
The only cosmetic product by a HongKong skincare brand, which you can only get it in Guardian or their official site!
Thanks Guardian for having discount so I can get this at a super cheap price!

OMG....I love the pinky colour!!!!
So, I'm so excited and open it and think of the pinky cutie packing of the bottle/tube.

O'slee, you'd cheated me......
Hei pin ngo geh gam ceng...T^T (cantonese)
Anyway, the pinky graphic on the tube at least, a little or more pleased me....LOL
It's 50ml, quite many amount for BB cream and CC cream!!!

It's all new, it's sealed!

Let's have a look of the details on the box!
It's Rosehip BB Cream!
HD Flawless and SPF 26 PA+++
See what it gives!

Let's have a look on the ingredients!

The address

The BB cream<3
It comes with only one skin tone which suitable for fair to medium skin tone.
The smell is like.......uhmmm......rosehip?(If you used O'slee Beauty Solution, their star product before, then you know how it smell like) Plus a little menthol.
Not a usual(I mean, nice?) smell for me, but luckily it's very light and still acceptable!

The swatch!
It's water based so very easy to be smeared off!
And because its water based, it's very light texture and a little amount able fulfilled quite a big area or skin.

Yes, it passed ALL the BB cream tests which I posted before and the product used in the youtube video which links given on very single test is this BB cream!

The before and after.
The conceal power is average and it appears lighter than my skin colour after I applied at first but after a while, it's colour turns to suit my skin color!
So, I think it's kinda....magic! Like most CC cream do, slowly turn to your skin colour!
I'm not sure if this magic works on dark skin, so I recommend this to very fair to medium skin tone.
For skin type

Conclusion, for my close friends, they all know that I'm the one who strongly recommend O'slee!
I have no worry if the BB cream cause any problem to my skin since it passed all the tests. I'd use it for daysssssss and it proves me right! The scent is not a big problem since it's not strong and still can be accepted even it's not really pleasant lol. The colour can change according to your skin tone as I said, but I'm not sure if it works on dark skin. Very watery, I mean, water-based, a little amount able to cover whole face so it's very saving! Just the blemish coverage(conceal) is average only, so if you better use concealer if needed.

I don't think much of you heard O'slee before, and even if you'd heard of it, you don't really pay attention on their products. Am I correct?
Here I'll let you know about O'slee!

Rosehip, is the major ingredient of O'slee Rosehip series, which also the star of O'slee brand!

These are the products of O'slee!
Not just the products shown, there're still many goodies of O'slee!
Click here for more!
Visit to Guardian  store is not the only way you can get your O'slee, you can also get O'slee via on line shopping to O'slee Malaysian official site!

O'slee Malaysian official site is having monthly promotion!
Here're just some of the promotions!

 Get your BB cream for only RM40! Or a value package(BB cream+UV Block Powder) for RM55.90!

The last two are posted for people who have a oily and combination skin, like me!

O'slee have a variety of products which divided into several series:
Clearspa Complete Series
Medi Care Series
Oil Control Series
Rosehip Series
Skin Meal Series
(Whispering: The packaging of products of skin meal series are all damn damn cute!!!!>.< )

To get yourself O'slee and know about the promotion and discount,
And, don't forget to always follow Guardian's promotion!

Here's me with the O'slee BB cream on my face!
Eyeliner: Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
I cant use other eyeliner because of my oily and combination skin and half inner double eyelid(O.o????)
Many eyeliners I tried, and only this suit me and won't cause any problem like faded, smudge, flake off, stamp on my folded eyelid because it can't dry out fast and etc....
Many eyeliners stated that they're water-prove, smudge-prove, dry within x second and alot shit promises and we doesn't know whether it's true or "T&C applied".
True or not? Let me try and I'll show it!
Anyway, before I can really get trusted to other eyeliner, I'll just continue stick with this Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner!

For more picture regarding to this post, view my online photo album.