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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Santa Hermo! Please have a check on my wishlist!

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town!

Oppsss....Wait! It should be Santa Hermo's coming to town~

Super good news brought to you who blog, by The Butterfly Project, which collaborating with! Santa Hermo gonna give out any thing(things) within RM80 for the lucky bloggers!

Be a member of, add anything you want, which can be just one product or several, the total value must be in RM80, into your cart(wishlist? I'd blur about it lol).
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What you have to do by now is only waiting for our Santa to checking the list and select the luckies<3

Dear Santa Hermo, why there're soooooooooo many goodies on .....T^T
Make me don't know which to choose...T^T
Anyway, after spending hours in choosing for the wishlist, my wishlist is finally out!

Why choosing this? 
First, I never try YADAH before even I'd heard about it for long time ago. You can rarely found YADAH's products in Malaysia even online shop but brings them in!

Second, I always in love with skincare products which is free from artificial colouring and artificial fragrance! YADAHs not just free from these two, they are free from any animal extract, sulphate, preservatives and mineral oil and this make me excited!

Third, OMG Girls will absolutely agree with this! The packaging!!!! Sooooooooo cute yet simple! My first impression about about YADAH is, simple, clean yet natural. The packaging look simple and clean, yes, but for natural....ermmm...I don't know, I just simply feel that!

Fourth, YADAH's key ingredient, Opuntia Ficus, which is a species of cactus that grown and cultivated in Korea. This cactus is great for it's strong anti-inflammatory and high potent of anti-oxidants! Do you ever heard the products with cactus as key ingredient?????????? This makes me wonder!

Fifth, YADAHs are distributed for teenagers and young adults, which is suitable for me! With their special formula, I can sure that it'll suit me well!

Sixth, very simple, YADAH is a Korean brand which all the products are originally manufactured and formulated in Korea.

YADAH Vitamin Emulsion is suitable for all skin type. It brighten skin tone, moisturized your skin and also soften your skin! Not to tell that, is given the certificate of authorisation to sell YADAHs! So, you have no worry that if the products is fake lol!

Why choosing this?
First, when I saw the picture, I thought that it's a hand cream because of the design and the name. "All in one? What is it means?" This came into my mind then. Then without any hesitation, I click into the page to read the details of this cream. Luckily my curiosity's working at the moment or I won't find this out! It's superrrrrrrrrrr surprising me!!!!!!! All in one means, toner+emulsion+cream! Absolutely created for lazy girls who lazy to apply every skincare products separately yet still wanna be pretty, and also for school girls who have to wake up earl and rush for school! That's why it's called School Diary all in one cream for girls! Yes, it's for girls xDDDD Sorry boys, Nature Republic loves girls!

Second, as everyone knows, products of Nature Republic contains natural ingredients which will be my first choice since I'd told that my skin easily get clogged. Harsh chemical 'works' super well on my skin! From what I know, most(or all?) products of Nature Republic contain no harsh chemical and mostly originate from non-animal. I have no worry if it cause any problem on my skin!
Third, still, because it's Korean products lol. (Korean crazy me! Even my boyfie looks like a Korean OMG!)

Fourth, it's hypo-allergic, which suitable for sensitive skin, now, for sure, it contains no harsh chemical and won't clog pores! These are the reason I love it! Something I never told in my blog posts, I have two Simple facial wash, moisturizing wash and refreshing gel. Yes, my skin is not sensitive but I love products for sensitive skin. As you know, products for sensitive skin have to be very mild and must not over moisturizing skin nor over cleanse the skin at the same time have to clean the skin completely! Super paradox lol. Okay, what I mean is, sensitive skin, have to be cleaned completely since a little dirt may cause any skin problem, but yet at the same time, can't be over cleansed because skin may dry out and the natural protective barrier stimulated by skin may be washed off and destroyed, this cause skin problem too! Now you get it? You understand the fourth reason?

Fifth, there're a few reviews about the cream on the page, which give good comments on this cream. These comments make me wonder more about the effect of the product.

Nature Republic School Diary All In One Cream for Girls, suitable for all skin types! It's effective in soothing, moisturizing, smoothing and nutrition! Nature Republic shop, which still not yet appear in Alor Setar, cause me, errrr....alot of people in Alor Setar can't get Nature Republic's easily. We're forced to going to Penang or online shop. But most online shop sell Korean products at higher price, which I still remember is, Etude House Tea Time facial wash, cost about RM13 in Etude House shop, but cost RM29 in the online shop! It just! Hey dude! I can get 2 in Etude House shop already! But luckily there's which sells the products at cheaper price and even free of delivery charge if you buy two at once, ONLY TWO!!!!!

I'd share my wishlist, how about yours? Share with me too!

Last but not least, let me share some more goodies with you all!
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Korean very well-known skincare brand!
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The popular Taiwanese cosmetics brand, Miss Hana!

Nature Republic!
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Absolutely good news for Tony Moly fans!

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Let's talk about MAKEUP! +review

Yes, update again....*sign*
Nonono....Not because I'm too hardworking in updating my blog, and also not because I have nothing to do!
I have a mind screwing problem here, which is, I have tooooooo many files in my lappie for each blog post and which I'd delay and delay and delay!
So now, everything accumulate! I don't which I should have start!
Should I write all the post and save as draft to be posted time by time?
Anyway, I will make all the post......I think....Yes, I think.....=/

Back to the topic, let's talk about makeup!
You know what, Taiwanese girls started makeup by the age of 14 averagely and Britain girls started at 12!
From the survey worldwide, 60% of 12-year-old girls have started to wear makeup!
Just like........wt......@@
For Malaysian, most girls started makeup only when they are at the age of 15 and above.
For my family, girls only allow to learn about makeup thingy when she enters university!!!!!!
Sorry, I'm a bad girl who not obeying the rule, started makeup thingy at 17.
17 is kinda late okay???????
I admit that, I LOVE MAKEUP!
Mommy kept on complaining about my interest towards makeup.
When I had addicted to dance, she complaint. About makeup, complain also.

"You're still young so you no need to wear makeup!" "Makeup for what?! Seduce guys? Focus on study!" "No need to focus onto your face too much, focus on study!" "What you makeup for? Just such a waste of money and time!"

I love makeup and cosmetics, but everything are still in budget.
I get only value thing which I think it is, instead of costly products which give the same result as the cheaper one.
Don't worry, no more complaining on me now.
I love makeup, it's fixed and won't be changed.
I love putting on colours onto my face!

For me, makeup is to correcting your appearance and enhancing. Not changing your face to another face!
There're alottttttttt ladies love wearing super think makeup and change their face into another face.
What I mean is, their face before and after makeup, is completely different! You can't recognize them!
From what I know, Taiwan is a country, which all girls on a street look the same, that's because they have the same thinking towards pretty face-------->Small face, sharp chin, big eyes, double eyelid and etc, so everyone change themselves into the same face.
If you're Taiwanese, and you're reading this now and you feel angry and think that I'm insulting people, FUCKOFF!
That's my thinking and I'm just sharing it, NOT INSULTING!
Why can you most Taiwanese keep on insulting pretty-look South Korean girls about the plastic surgery they had done, but not letting people to talk about the issue in your country?
Yes, your girls didn't go through plastic surgery and Korean girls do. But the result is still the same, everyone have the same appearance!
Korean girls even dare to walk on the street with bare face but Taiwanese girls? I don't think so.
Anyway, still I love Taiwan. Sooooooo many delicious food there and also many cosmetics!!! =P

Anyway, makeup, for me is steps for a better looking which is correcting your defect of appearance and blemish, and thus enhancing your look.

Besides, there's another topic about makeup thingy, BOYS WEARING MAKEUP.
Thre're alotttttttttt brain-spoilt people keep arguing that, boys cannot makeup!

"Yerrrrr....Look at that guy, like a sissy, still eyeliner...." "OMG! Is he gay?! He look so nice but why he's wearing makeup???" "Boys wear makeup? You're telling a big joke! Boys no wear makeup!" "Boys who wear makeup are sissy, or gay."

You can just take your brain out and dump it into the sea!
Who man on appear or TV screen no wear makeup?!
Especially girls! Alllllllllllllllll your idols wearing makeup! Guys, you must have a male idol, they wear makeup too. Don't tell me David Beckham doesn't wear makeup, go and check when he's standing on red carpet! Girls, every SJ members wearing makeup! Big Bang wearing too! Johnny Depp wearing also! Stop your childish thinking that guys can't wear makeup! Every human who appear on your TV screen wearing makeup!!!
In fact, I love seeing my boyfie wearing makeup, he looks f*cking nice when wearing eyeliner!!!*crazy fans*
Just, he don't like to put anything onto his face lol....=.=''''

Now, it's the time for review, I'm still thinking whether wanna make a review about O'slee Rosehip BB cream or PIXY Radiant Finish Lightening Cream. Or combine two in one?
Ermmmmm....okay, I'll make review of O'slee Rosehip BB cream in the next post.
Now, let's talk about the latest product of PIXY first!

Did you ever heard about PIXY?
It's a brand under Mandom Corporation, Tokyo.
The mother company in a Japanese company, but PIXY is contributed to the countries of South East Asean and mainly in Indonesia and well-developed there.
I found new PIXY product in Guardian, also when I seek for BB cream.

It's PIXY Radiant Finish Lightening Cream Complete Barrier.
It comes with two type, blue and pink.
Blue is main in protecting(forming barrier) and pink is main in blemish care(protect skin from sun too).

 The introduction of the cream.
There're Indonesian and English language.
I captured only English language since I can't really understand Indonesian language since there're still differences to be compared with Malaysian language.
And I think most of you will prefer English!
The function of the cream!
If compare to the pink one, blue's spf value is higher and is focus on protecting while the pink one still have extra function which is deminishing blemish and spot.
However, pink's spf is lower and is not focusing on skin protection.
Shakuyaku, is a kind of herb which is widely use in Chinese traditional medical and also Japan traditional medical.
I'd google about the herb, however, I can't really understand, just know that it's peony root and has a funtion of antifungal and antibacteria.

As you see, it's makeup base, and this is the reason why I choose blue instead of pink.
Makeup base is used to protect skin and form barrier between your skin and the cosmetics and environment. So, protection is the main issue!

By Mandom<3
50g cost me only about RM14, this is the reason why I bought it!
RM14 is because Guardian is having discount for this, the normal price is about RM18 only!!!
I never use PIXY products before even though I saw many people around me using it!
I got no idea what is this brand until I found that it's a brand under Mandom, and getting interest to wards the brand!
Since I just wanna have a try on PIXY product, and this cost me sooooooo little with 50g, why don't I take the chance and have a try?

The direction and caution.


Imported by Mandom Malaysia.

The tube of the cream!

The cream is white in color. It's transparent if you apply a proper amount onto your skin.
It's not water resistant, means, you can easily wash off with water.
But if you just wash it off with water, you'll found there's a slightly oily layer left on your skin.
From my opinion, that's the barrier which separate your skin from the makeup and environment.

Smear off!
It turn a little watery once you smear off, very easy to be applied!

Look at the before and after!
After applied, my skin turns fairer very slightly.
If you click on the picture to view it clearer, you'll found that the side which was applied looks slightly watery and well-moisturized!
It's suitable for all skin tone!
The cream is oil based but not water resistant.
It has a light texture and non-greasy!

Clinical tested!

My conclusion is, I still can't find a problem to complain on the cream ,shortly, which should be called as makeup base. It's transparent, so suitable for every skin tone. It's cheap and have a quite many amount of 50g. Oil based but non-greasy, moisturize your skin well, form protective barrier on your skin. SPF20 PA++ is enough to be used as daily sunscreen and this is the reason why I buy this, I need a face sunscreen to be applied daily. Special herbal extract added to protect your skin and giving your skin nutrient.

Even it's not water resistant, I suggest you to wash it off by makeup remover to clean your skin completely since the dusts and impurities may stick on your face. You know that the air pollution is getting serious and serious.
So, get yourself a skin protector!

[Addition: I had try wearing this lightening cream(or makeup base or sunscreen) whole day today. It really retain the moistness of my skin and has a moderate oil-control power. From what I feel, it's not pore clogging since my skin can't tahan any clogging. Once pore clogging happen, whitehead(You know that kind of thingies inside the pores with in yellowish white colored tiny beads? Ya, that's it! I don't really remember how it's called lol=.=) formed super fast within about 4 to 5 hours! I'd wearing the cream whole day, nothing stupid formed! And it does help in even the skin tone!
-------------------edited at 26/11/13 10:15pm]

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Girls Love Magic: It's NEUZELL Oxygen Bubble Cleanser!

Hi boys and girls! I'm coming to update my blog already xDDDDD

Another magic?
Yes! Absolutely!
Do you believe that there's cleanser can form bubbles without any water?
There's no a cleanser like this, right?
But NOW, I wanna show you a magic!

Eh? Parcel form Hishop????

What a sweeeeeeeeet pink box!!!
How hishop knows I love pinky things?????


It's a Neuzell Oxygen Bubble Cleanser 10ml sample pack!

As you see, the cleanser is slightly yellowish(or greenish?).

What a Neuzell Oxygen Bubble Cleanser can do????


Introduction for the cleanser:

Infuse your skin in oxygenated purified water enriched with natural ChamomileGreen TeaAlgae and Matricaria oil extracts that cleanse, moistens and whitens your skin. This fabulous multi-functions cleanser delivers oxygen and botanical active ingredients for instant detoxification and invigorates tired skin.
Specially formulated for all skin types, without parabens, alcohol, SLES, mineral oil, artificial color and fragrance. Effective on acne-prone skin.

The application and the promises!

The goodness<3

My most concern, ingredient: 
Purified water, Chamomile extract, Matricaria Oil, Algae Peptides, Green Tea extract, Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, Glycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Panthenol, Carbomer, Hydroxypropyl Methycellulose, Methy Gluceth-20, Stearalkonium Chloride, Triethanolamine.

 More details of the oxygen bubble cleanser, click here.

Given by hishop with compliments by NEUZELL

Just as the application says, it form bubbles just in a few seconds WITHOUT WATER!
It smell like a very refreshing lemon scent but the details show that it's natural gin tea scent o.0
Well, maybe my nose is just not that advanced =P


These all is what you usually use to put onto your face.
Base, BB cream/CC cream/Foundation, Concealer, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and blah blah blah....

And, I'm posting a video here to prove that I REALLY PUT EVERYTHING ONTO THE SAME LAYER, just to test the cleansing power!
Yes, it's just to use to prove because I wanna show you the cleansing power of the oxygen bubble cleanser!

See the yucky hand!!!!!!!>.<

I'm comparing the oxygen bubble cleanser with my all-time favourite Nano white clarifying cleansing milk which works super well!


After cleansing~~~~~

Spot the difference! lollllll....
The oxygen bubble cleanser cleanse my skin super well too!

 I have no any complain about the cleanser, the cleansing power is super good! A little amount makes EVERYTHING OFF
Well, everyone knows that lip tint is not that easy to be washed off even you scrub harshly by a brush! 
The smell is very light yet refreshing. It's texture is gel-like liquid which suitable for all skin type.
 Gel type cleanser is good in retain moisture, liquid is good in nourishing while foam is good in deep cleansing, and this bubble cleanser in 3in1. My skin is not over cleansed by the cleanser, my skin feel moisturized and soft after using it!
I'm not sure it's really anti-wrinkles and whitening cause this can't be proven by just using one time only. For, makeup remover and hydrating, absolutely YES! 
Not like cleansing milk which have to rub of my cotton pad first, which may cause wrinkles. For this bubble cleanser, just massage gently and rinse off with water, no further wrinkles will formed with such gentle method!
It's a really good cleanser for every skin type, and don't ask whether can a guy use this or not, OF COURSE CAN! 
It contains no parabens, alcohol, SLES, mineral oil, artificial color and fragrance(that's why the scent is called Natural Gin Tea), so it very gentle and won't irritate your skin, suitable even for sensitive skin!

Love Neuzell Oxygen Bubble Cleanser? Get interest to it? Feel wanna grab one for yourself?
I have a good news for you!
Neuzell is running a 10% discount for November and December!
For more information, click here.

 Thanks to hishop for picking me as one of the 10 ambassadors to make this review<3

Trying to take my hand off lol....

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Girls Love Magic: Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel is already an old old old old old old story!
There're alottttt Aloe Vera Gel on the market, the well-known one such as Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel.
My first aloe vera gel was Nature Republic's (which I didn't make any review of it), my second aloe vera gel was Fruit of Earth's (I didn't make any review too) but I didn't get the third one since there's no Nature Republic store in Alor Setar and I don't like Fruit of Earth's!

I went Guardian store yesterday to seek for BB cream and I found this!

Guardian Aloe Vera Gel!

It comes with two sizes, 100ml and 250 ml.
Guess the price!
100ml cost about RM5.00 each and 250ml cost about RM8.30.
Both sizes are in tube.
I'm not sure they're having discount of not because once I saw the price tag, I grabbed one 250ml without any hesitation!
I had no worry if this is not nice since the price is soooooo cheap!

Back of the bottle(tube)

What it claims:

Just as it says, no alcohol, no colourant and no fragrance!
You smell nothing and the gel is transparent!

The ingredient and the caution.

A whole new tube with plastic seal.

Gel on my palm, really transparent izit?

When I smear it on my palm, it turns watery!

It's also quite good in moisturize your skin!


You can feel that the cooling effect on your skin even it just a little, skin turns moisturized and supple!

Every time when I talked about aloe vera gel, alot people kept aksing me what's the usage of aloe vera gel?
Well. aloe vera gel has multi-usage which you can apply it from top to toe!
It can be used as a hair leave-on conditioner, face lotion, face moisturizing mask, sleeping mask, eye mask, lip mask, lip balm, makeup base, body lotion, hand cream, use as cuticle oil, soothing cream/lotion and any usage you can think about!

In the conclusion, this aloe vera gel is quite good while cost very cheap! It doesn't irritate my eyes like Fruit of Earth's, this is the reason I don't like it! No, of course, I didn't make the gel enter my eyes lol. The gel didn't irriate my skin but just when I apply on the skin around my eyes, the gas(smell?) irritate my eyes! This aloe vera gel gives a little cooling feel on skin and has no fragrance and colourant! It's a good moisturizer too! Aloe Vera gel is kinda a magic, instant moisturizing, and multi-function which you can apply any where from top to toe!

I know a lot people feel no confidence on Guardian's and Watsons' own brand, but what I can say is, their own brands products are quite nice while cheap!
Watsons' Pure Beauty is one of my favourite!
The hair conditioner and the cleansing liquid work well on me!
Besides, their own brands lip balms work well too!
Don't feel any hesitate to buy them, the drug stores' own brand products have a quite good quality even they'rs cheap!
You can just have a try on the products, you can just give them away if you don't like since the price is very cheap!

At the end,
The picture taken on the day I met up my babies<3
Miss them so much!