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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

'SOON' is not enough to describe it!

As I wrote in the title, YES! SOON is not enough!
I mean, my exam!
I think this is the last post until I finish my exam, I think larrrr, I think....
Why I say soon is not enough to describe it?
It's because my exam coming just right 1 week after!
Everyday busy on memorizing all those stupid stuff and turn myself into a memory card!
Struggling in Chemistry. Yup, Chemistry sucks....
Apparently, there're quite a number of breakout on my face...=(
Stress? Don't think so.
Lack of sleep? Don't think so.
Sleep too much? I think....Yea xDDDD

Anyway, currently interest in hair doing xDDD
Not regretting of bought this book!

By a professional Taiwanese makeup artist, Vanessa(click for her blog)
28 makeup tutorial + 40 hair doing style in one book!
Original price is about RM50
When I bought this, there're discount of this book , so I bought it at RM3+ , so worthy isn't it?
I bought this book with other booksssss and a Casio fx-991ES PLUS with the BB1M voucher, so.... none had I paid for this book!

All my lovey and favourite pens!
Looks cute and sweet isn't it?
Not as cheap as I think LOL....=/
There're only 2 of these are black ink pen, the rest are all blue!
Can't deny that the colour of the blue ink are nice!
The colour even nicer than Pilot's!

Where's the Karmart Cathy Doll Magic Cream's post as you promise?!
Wait......The pictures for the post are already captured, just wait, for sure I will post since I'd promise the shop owner lolllll.....
One of the pictures taken for the review post lol....><

Besides, I'd prepared also to post about how much I love this!

You know what it is, right? ^^

This is just a sneak peak haha~
I'd bought myself some accessories!
Nice, isn't it?
Try to guess how much I paid for this!

It's the end, good luck for myself for the exam and please don't abandoned me...T^T

Bye for October, Hi for November! 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

BB? CC?! DD ?!?!

I know you sure feel weird about the title of the post.
B? C? D? Is the post about exam grade?

No! This is again a cosmetics related post!
In the previous post, I had talked about the tests for a good BB cream.
There's a comment asked me that how about CC and DD cream?
When I first read the comment, I just feel like, What is DD cream?

Yup, paiseh that I really heard about DD cream for the first time today!
So, I google it and find it out, what actually a DD cream is.
Before I tell you about DD cream, let's discuss about BB and CC cream first, I'm pretty sure that this will let you understand DD cream more.

What is BB cream?
Picture source: Wikipedia

BB is actually stand for the words 'Blemish Balm', apparently it is created to cover up the blemish! It got popular in Asia, and then spreading all over the world rapidly since BB cream was hailed as 'The Secret of Korean Actresses'. Basically, it is a combination of makeup primer, makeup base, foundation and sunscreen. It has a light texture and moisturizing function. Some even have the function of oil control and anti-acne according to the formulas!
There're more information about BB cream which I had told in the previous post, so I'm not going to explain further here.

What is CC cream?
Picture Source: Google Image

We can said that CC cream is an improve version of BB cream. CC is the short form of the words 'Colour Correcting' or 'Colour Control,' which means that it's specialized in even the skin tone and improve your skin colour! It's texture is lighter than BB cream's. A CC cream has all the function that you can get in a BB cream, it also helps in skin soothing which able to reduce skin redness and sallowness which a BB cream can't do! CC cream is much moisturizing and nourishing than a BB cream and a CC cream's has a smaller molecule than BB cream, so the nutrient can be easily absorbed by your skin. Just like BB cream, CC creams have different function according to each formula, there's even has a CC cream with a function of face slimming....LOL

Picture Source: Google Image

DD, stand for 'Daily Defense' or 'Dynamic Do-all'. We can say that it is a improving version of BB and CC cream. It has all the benefits you can get from a BB cream and CC cream, but DD cream is specialized in anti-aging and it's much more moisturizing and nourishing and giving more protection, which is much more suitable for women who need anti-aging solutions to hide line, wrinkles, etc. It provides a better coverage for a slightly matured skin. Since it's ability in coverage is much more better than BB and CC cream, hence, it's texture also much more heavier than BB and CC cream. So that, DD cream is not really introduced for the face. Due to the heavy texture, it's more suitable for foot and other body parts like elbow and it's convenient for cracked heel! However, DD cream is not yet as common as BB and CC cream since it's just very very new to the market and it's just available from very few brands such as Ofra and Julep.
From my opinion, I don't think a product that specialized in anti-aging will has a light texture lorrrr~

So, first came BB, then CC after a few years DD appeared....
Hmm.....I think my lifespan may long enough for waiting the appearance of ZZ cream LOL.

Anyway, if you are a teenage or just 20+, I will absolutely suggest you to use BB cream or CC cream. But if you have sensitive skin, go for CC cream absolutely!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tips for Choosing A Good BB Cream

Ladies nowadays can't live without BB Cream after BB Cream get super popular and almost each female has one!
Everyone thinks of South Korea and those K-pop artiste when we mention about BB cream but do anyone know that BB cream was actually formulated in the 1960s in Germany by a dermatologist, Dr. Christine Schrammek, to protect her patients' skin after surgery. And it it introduced to South Korea and Japan in1985, where healthy-looking, porcelain skin is heavily prized. The cream was hailed as "The Secret of Korean Actresses," and was endorsed by Korean celebrities.
Picture source: google image

What's so magic about BB Cream that make ladies crazy for it?
The function of BB cream differs from each formula, but most BB creams have the function below:
  • Moisturizing
  • Anti-aging
  • Even skin tone
  • Sun screen
  • Smooth the skin
  • Whitening
  • Cover up pores and blemishes
Basically, BB cream is a upgrade version of normal foundation, it has all the function that foundation can gives, but it contains nutrient and skin-loving ingredient to improve the skin and it's not as heavy as foundation!

Since BB cream is sooooooooooo well-known all over the world, hence, we can easily find out many BB cream products in whatever cosmetic shops and drugstores!
Too many choices sometimes make us don't know which to choose and what to use!

NOW! I'm gonna let you know how to choose a good BB cream!
p/s: The links of the video I provide are the commercial videos of O'slee BB cream but the tests are also can be used on other brands because quality doesn't matter! I had change some apparatus to other easy-to-be-found apparatus so you can have your own test in your home any time!

First, Water soluble test!
Apparatus: A glass, water(can be tap water), a spatula(or anything that you usually use to stir drinks), bb cream
Steps:  Put some water into a glass, then squeeze a little bb cream into the water and stir it with a spatula!
If you BB cream able to soluble in the water, congratulation! You'd pass this step!
Everyone will wonder, we for sure want a makeup that is water-resistant so it can stay longer, but why still we want it to be soluble in water? You must know that, a good cosmetics products, not just able to last long on skin and it still be easily washed off! Beside, if it is water soluble in this test, it also means that the BB cream has a light texture!

Second, Water resistant test!
Apparatus: Same as the water soluble test.
Steps: Put a layer of bb cream on a little area of the inner wall of a glass, put some water into the glass, stir the water with a spatula.
If your bb cream is not soluble in the water and still remain on the glass, congratulation! You'd pass this step!
If your bb cream had pass the first step, and it also pass this step, then you must feel very amazing and very surprised!It's because you're bb cream is water resistant!
You may also having this test just by apply bb cream on the back of your hand and put your hand under running tap water!

Third, Nude effect!
Apparatus: Just BB cream
Steps: Just like your makeup routine which is just to apply a thin layer of your bb cream on your face.
If you satisfy the effect given by your bb cream, congratulations! You'd past this steps!
p/s: I don't provide the video link here cause I think the test is super easy to go on so you no need to have the video to teach you.=)

Final, Non-sticky and light texture test!
Apparatus: Talc powder(baby powder, or you can also use paddy rice or oat flakes), bb cream
Steps: Apply a thin bb cream on the back of your hand(as thin as the thickness that you will apply on your face), spread some talc powder on it, gently blow the powder off(if you're using paddy rice or oat flakes, then just make your hand vertical to let the rice or flakes get off of your hand).
If there's no powder or rice or oat residue or just a very little residue stick on your hand, congratulations! You'd pass this test! This is because your bb cream has a light texture!

For sure I'd done the tests on the bb cream I used!
Just as the video shown, I'd done the tests on O'slee BB cream and it really pass all the tests!
Besides, Maybelline Mineral BB cream pass the test too! so sad that Maybelline had stop producing the mineral BB cream anymore=(

So, test your BB cream and see is your BB cream as great as mine!
BB cream is counted as a cosmetic product, so Muslim readers, remember to remove it before you have your prayer=)

p/s:There's another video which is about sunscreen in the series of the commercial videos of O'slee BB cream which I don't provide and also not giving the test's method since we can't test the spf test on our own and have to send the bb cream sample to laboratory to test it. So I think that if you're not getting any sun burn when you're wearing your BB cream, then it can be counted as giving a good UV protection. But you have to remember that UV protection that given by any sunscreen product can't last whole day long cause the power may decrease by time, so remember to apply face powder after 1 or 2 hours interval if you wanna stay under the sun for many hours!

I wanna claim that this is not a commercial post that promote any products of any brands. I'm just sharing my knowledge!

Saturday, 12 October 2013


I don't know what's going on to me these few days.
Super sensitive, super anti-social, and feel hating.
Have serious conflict with everyone.
Everything feel negative.
A word: SHIT.

STPM exam semester 3 and retake for sem 1 and also sem 2 coming very soon.
Same date as SPM's.
I remember my conversation with Esther.
Esther: Hey, exam is coming soon.
Me: Ya, I'm gonna diet, not yet prepare.
Esther: I hope exam coming faster.
Me: Hmm...
Esther: Real! I study until don't know what to study already! Just repeating the same thing!
Me: We science class? Study until don't know where to start study...=.=
Super epic and irony, isn't it?
The difference between science class and art class.
I do hope that I chose art instead of science when at first when I entered form6..
The school I'm studying now offering both art and science stream, but the art stream means business and economy and I'm not gonna choose both of these!
Means, I will go back to my previous school Asma girls' school to take art which is drawing and such artistic stuff...

Yepp, keep cursing, myself or other? I don't know.

There was a share and win contest held by V.Time. I had join that and win a Karmart Cathy Doll Magic Cream. The Magic Cream is famous all over Malaysia and Singapore for very long time already but I didn't get myself one even I hope to try, since I'm not really need it.
Get it for free just gimme a bigggg chance to try it out! Gonna blog about it after a few days trying it.
But before I blog about the Magic Cream, I'm gonna blog about how to choose a good BB cream since not really much people know about it and the post is related to the test I done on the Magic Cream!

So, stay tuned<3