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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

TUTORIAL: Draw Eyeline with Eyeshadow

My first tutorial now comes!
I was thinking for whole day about wanna do this or not, and finally, DO IT!
I 'm good in nothing in makeup except drawing eyeline*grin*
Believe or not, drawing eyeline is the first makeup thingy I learnt *I don't think putting on lip balm is a part of makeup lol*
And now, I can draw eyeline with a super sharp tip eyeliner within 3 minutes! *proud*
After trying out other ways to putting on eyeline, I found that to make a really natural looking eyeline is to put on eyeline with eye shadow, eyebrow palette can be used too!
You'll feel like freak out when your eyeliner is dry out or finish when you gotta go out.
Or keep worrying that the eyeline you draw maybe smear and smudge and turn your natural eye makeup into smoky style or make a panda look due to your oily skin!
You know how awkward when it turns into panda eyes and it did happen on me once when I had dinner with my bf!
Here we start!


Choose the color you want, it can be eyeshadow palette or eyebrow palette. I used to draw eyeline with a very dark color, so I choose black or dark brown usually.
And an eyeliner brush or you also can use a small size of eyeshadow brush.
This is the brush I use, it's not that small though, so I have to control it well or it makes panda too!

This is the eyes without makeup and not even conceal the eye circle!
I lazy to conceal it so let us just focus on the eyeline ok? *wink*

Lift up your upper eyelid gently with your finger or cotton bud.
Fill up the inner liner space and the spaces between eyelashes(just as the space in the red line) with the color.

Left: With inner liner finished
Right: No makeup
Find the difference, right?
When I felt that my eyes are puffy or look sleepy, I always make this to tuition or school and guess what?
Nobody realize that I drew eyeline!

Next, full in the upper liner space just as the space in the blue line.
Caution: Upper liner drawn is not suitable to go school nor tuition. Miao>.<
Precaution step: Use a cotton bud wet with lotion to wipe off the unwanted if you accidentally ruin it or draw it over the space.

Upper liner space filled!

I love eyeline with flirty style, so I lengthen the tail and make it slightly curve upwards.
Still you can use the cotton bud wet with lotion on the sharp tail if you have make it wider.

Left: With liner finished
Right: Remain to makeup

The left side is with liner and the right one still remain no makeup just to let you look clearer.

Here's both side with liner!
It looks exactly like drawing with eyeliner pen izit?

Out of topic: 
The conflict between me and someone was solved.
Hope we're still friend as before conflict happened lol.

Sunday, 11 August 2013



From: @极品霏

No. I'm not going to say anything, nor try to deny anything.
You think I'm bad, I'm bad.
But for sure that you don't really know me and understand me.
So, don't try to judge me!

Friday, 9 August 2013


左边:正常女生       右边:我
Yup! That's me!