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Friday, 22 February 2013

Last Meal in Penang: Manila Place

Since I'd promise that I'll finish Penang Trip post, so here now I'm updating it!
Our last stop in Penang is Gurney Plaza!!!
We arrived there quite late and we all didn't even take breakfast yet!
Dammmmmmn hungry><
As usual, we walked separately, and as moreeee usual, I walked with Siewwoon...
We're too hungry and we have no idea where to have meal, so we just cincai choose----->Manila Place<3
Satisfy stomach first!

 Manila Place is just located beside Dragon-i, and why we're not going to Dragon-i???
Because we're going to bankrupt already /.\ <----Cheater! xDD
Well, I also don't know why~
Maybe I was addicted towards western food??O.o

I do want to introduce this restaurant to you, cause the food, errmmm...of course we order the set lunch, quite cheap and the amount of food is reallyyyyy big!

My peach tea.....I is peach tea kut...==

Siewwoon is totally a coffee lover, Expresso~

After taking these, our stomach is kinda satisfy already~

The creamy mushroom soup is really yummy!

Siewwoon's mushroom spagetti, it taste not bad~
For me, the mushrooms put were toooo much already><

My cheezy grilled chicken chop!
Really cheesy!!!

Look! The cheese on the chicken chop is really thick!
Siewwoon who always a cheese lover so regret that she didn't order this! xDDD

Looking at these pictures in the mid-night, is just make me hungry...T^T

Haagen-Dazs ice-cream<3

My look of the day<3
It's really look stupid to walk here and there with a huge stupid luggage!!!
No choice, we had no place to put our luggage~

It's already too late at night.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Lazy blogger - First post of 2013

Well, if I didn't check, I won't even remember the date I posted the last post!
First, I was really lazy to blog even though there're topicssss for me to blog.
Second, for those who follow me on fb will know that I have no the mood to blog anything. Anyway, past mean past, I sure that it won't ever affect me and it won't come back and sure I won't let it happen again!Third, my December of 2012 was really tightly packed with trips and activities!

I was thought not to do any post in a certain period but I really do have something to said!!!
I'll post it in next post xD
Of course I'll still continue about the Penang trip since there're so many things I didn't post yet!

So, what I had done and changed throughout the time?

The most obvious, my fringe.
I had cut it short but dammit 98% person and above claimed that I look nicer in long fringe or no fringe!
Short fringie<3

Second obvious, my hairdo! I do love curly hair! xDD
Nice eh???xD

Then, my body shape!
This is what I was shocked to found it when I was in Penang last year December!
Oh my lovely tummy!!!!!
Anyway, I still look sexay isn't it???xDDD

The last and most important, my mind!
It can't be shown xDD
I know I have to be myself, JUST MYSELF AND BE WHO I AM!!!
Not live for others!
Work harder to make me perfect!
Thinking, body shape and ALL!
*Don't shot me, I know it's impossible to be a perfect person!*

And yes, Semester 2 of form6 is  much more busy because many projects are given and many experiments to be done and hard syllabus to be rushed!
Somehow, we all do enjoy it!
Form6 is really quite a nice choice!
And Sports Day is around the corner so we have to stay back for practice in certain days...
The last Sports Day of school days I'll be join, so just ROCK IT!!!!!!
Enjoy it cause I know I'll miss it some day in future.
And also school days, I do enjoy to be with all my fellow and beloved friends.
They do really help me alotttttttt throughout the stupid days xD
Thanks alot to them and I won't ever forget them=D
And also my parents who had worry me alot! ^^

I love playing editing hair color these few daysxDD
I wanna color my hair into SUPER CHIO color but I still have to go school, so.....
Edit and play lorrrrr =P

If I have a red hair???
So flame and CHIOOO!!!!!
*The second pic, I edited mai my eye lens color into red, look like vampire is it???Oh I love to be vampire!*

Pinkish purple hair and eye lens also!
Some said I look nicer in purple hair, somehow it is not enough chio to be compared with red hair!

Well, let's end up this post with an aegyo pic!