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Monday, 8 October 2012

Let's Make SIMPLE!

Finally, I have time and the internet speed is fast enough for my to blog!
For those who follow my facebook, will know that I'd wanted to blog dayssss before but so 'lucky' the internet speed is even slower than a tortoise...==

Today I wanna make a review of a nice and really economic product!

This is not a new product but this is new for me since this is my first time to try Simple!
I never thought to try it until one day I read a blog post about it!

The moisturizer is white gel, and really have NO PERFUME!
You can smell a really little smell of chemical..
But no worry, cause it is really super soft smell, won't give any effect!

It is white gel, for those who never try but just judge by how its look may think its cream lol...
Anyway, it is really moisturizing and able to moisture up to all night long!
So I use it as night moisturizer lol...
Besides, it is very very gentle to skin and even sensitive skin can use it even it's not dedicated specially for sensitive skin!

I never have a high expectation on it cause this is my first time to try it and I just feel wanna have a try!
The effect surprised me!
The cost is really cheap, I bought it in RM15.88 from Guardian!
So if you feel like its not suitable to your skin and feel like wanna throw it off, you won't feel heart pain to do that....But it just kinda waste...==

Simple says...

Don't ask me no post outing post cause I don't go for outing~
1. Tuition class
2. School 
3. Homework/ Project work
4. No money / Transport
5. The most important, waiting my my baby<3

STPM Semester One gonna be held in 5th of November...
But wth I still don't know a shit.../.\
Gonna go for study lol...

Congratez Shila!!!