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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Hi guys!
I'm here again with you=D
I just back from Penang yesterday and I can said that it is WORST trip ever...==
Don't ask me why, just personal reason...

Sitting is just not enough???lol.

Skechers' kids are just super chio><

Super pretty night scene...

I have no idea what to update, so.....

Thursday, 16 August 2012


hey there!
There's a long time i didnt update my bloggie, here I come!
first, I wanna wish alllll Malays, Selamat Hari Raya!!!!
Second, for all students, Happy Holiday!!!

I think I'm going to Penang with family in Raya=DDD
I took a few pics by my phone and so sad I dunno how to send them to Ipad...
So very sorry for no pics...==

I'm gonna face alot tuition class in my holiday...
Tomorow, chemist tuition in evening...
Saturday, Bio tuition in the morning...
Sunday and Monday are spent in Penang, yuppyyyy!!!!
Tuesday, morning: chemist tuition, night: maths tuition..
Wednesday, chemist tuition in the morning...
Thursday, maths tuition in evening...
Then cntinue the schedule of Friday and Saturday...
So what's different with and without holiday???!!!

And I'm so pleased to see that my bloggie gains more and more readers...
Thansks to all my readers and followers!
I'll try my best to make more intereresting post in the coming days=)

So here I'm gonna end my post, and gonna prepare for tuition...

Monday, 6 August 2012

My Nivea #1

I'm finally here to make the topic as I promise<3
My Nivea facial wash!


Put about 2cm on palm and lather in foam!

I think this facial wash is quite suit me and it do cure my pores problem...
I'm now using the third bottle!
It works more efficient with this toner!

*Months before when I went More & Save to search for my class decoration's stuff!*

I'm gonna continue school's stuff and notesssss to finish...

Friday, 3 August 2012


I just feel lazy to blog, lazy to study, lazy to eat, lazy to drink and lazy to do

I saw this pic from fb and feel like...

Most people behave that!
When you first know anyone, you just super polite and super quiet..
But longer the days keep close, I think, the crazier behave you'll show...

This outfit just make me feel like wanna dance to Girls' Generation's The

Old pic...

I didn't have outing, didn't have high tea and didn't have etc...==
So I didn't take new pics too.../.\
*forgive me*
I just found out that I made 5 posts only in June and 3 posts only in July!!!
wth I did in June and July and just make 5 posts and 3 posts?!
Its a super big deceleration!!!
omg.... I must increase my post in July...
So wait for my next coming post!