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Sunday, 29 July 2012


Finally I have the little tiny time to update my bloggie/.\
I'm telling true!
So about the bazaar, I still not yet finish tidy the pics and edit them...==
Here're two pics of ALL pics about lovely handmade stuff<3
No edit and still warm cause just copy from camera's memory card/.\
I love this Ballerina handmade key chain<3

Asking me how busy I am?
  • This week, our PA and Chemistry teacher gonna give us a test...(PA teacher said that the test will be on today but so shitty he didn't enter class even and can't found even his shadow! fluorine)
  • September*I think*, we'll have our monthly test. (It's originally in August and before Hari Raya but my class teacher had make a request to postpone it because it is too rushy for us)
  • October, first term of STPM's trial
  • November, HOLY STPM!

I like this lovely thing too!

August 18th, there's a BBQ gathering with my old friends who are chinese girls of 2011 for Asma school~
Most of my friends who study in other places will come back to Alor Setar that few days so gonna meet my friendsss=D

I'm just telling shit instead of doing the posts that I promised before...=.="""
You must be kinda sweat cause I'm finding excuse not to do right???=.=
Okay okay, there're so much pics in my memory card, I will tidy them up and them make those postsss><


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ain't Pretty

I went to a bazaar in my primary school, SJK(C) Yih Min last Friday=D
I'm so lazy to make the post cause pictures taken were toooo much@@
So I'll update and tidy up he pics when I free*forgive me*

Find out this cute little piece on Craft Delights

Friday night, Charity Dinner<3

Monday, 9 July 2012

Rats Dissect!

No no no...
Not me, I'm not dissecting the rat cause I'm still in lower 6, I will do it just when I go to upper six.
Then why I talk about this?
Because I went to bio lab to 'kepo' (means meddlesome in hokkien) when upper six having their experiment!

Totally fainted rats because of chloroform...

Izit look like dying???o.O

Starting to cut!
Open the first layer first...

Need to be really careful and not to accidentally cut the other layer.

The second layer, means the muscle layer is cut, same, need to be very careful cause the organs are just laying down then thin muscle layer.

After the both layer are cut, whats inside a rat's body is revealed!

This is totally epic cause the rat not have enough time to pee and fainted!xDDD
*The yellowish full-filled sac is called urinary bladder and there's full of urine! The sac is yellowish because of urine...*

This is what I busy for recently!
Class' boards decoration with SiewWoon's help, thxalot for SiewWoon<3
The pictures is drawn by me and SiewWoon.