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Friday, 29 June 2012


 Seems I had left my baby bloggie for so long time...
*I did such thing for timessss after open school lol*
Dont blame me...

Yup, I promise I'll make the next update asap after I finish all my homeworksss..==
So just be patient=)))

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Natcomp 2012-Sultan Abdul Hamid College Band : Romeo and Juliet

Give some supports to my friends who play the role of Juliet<3
Baby Esther, Hannee and Shall Ting, proud of you girls!

Shall Ting, Esther and Hannee=)

You girls really done well!!!


Busying these few days and had enjoy school life=)

Do love Nivea skin care these few days *though I don't really love their lip balm*, but Nivea Creme and Nivea skin care series are good!
Result can be observed from the picture above, I do swear that I didn't make up in the pic and  didn't do any edit on my skin=)))

What I use are Nivea Sparkling White series, I choose the one which have the function of pore minimizing.
My stupid stubborn pores keep open so big whole days before I used Nivea!
I had tried alot method to cure but totally PHAILED!
I know how my pores behave like, so I choose the one for extra large pores.
And yeah! It's so worthy!
Super cheap and very effective!
*Sorry that I was just so excited about the facial foam and forget to take pic==*
You can get them easily from Guardian and Watsons!
I try to make my hair alil wavy but sooooo phail!

Will make more review of the Nivea skin care I use *promise* <3


Sunday, 17 June 2012


Seems I had long long time left my bloggie aside=(
I know I had alot reviews that promised didn't do yet, and so lot of thingies...=(
Cause my daily schedule is dammit busy!

So happy that I finally have time right NOW to make an update!
*Push the reviews pics aside*
I wanna share about the festival yesterday in my school=DDD
Firstly, I wanna thanks to Hanneestar and Mr Song for the pictures.
I do lazy to take alot pics even camera is just on my hand lol...==

My school, as the venue of the primary schools' marching band competition, so we have to sell food and drinks according to club and association.
I'm a volunteer of stall of Science and Maths Association*but actually I didn't do any works..==*

See all them busy doing works*except meLOL*

Two cute ambassadors of Science and Maths Association!

And I do super happy that day because I met my buddies who had already study in Penang!!!

The one with black shirt is my super close buddy, Ellyssa!!
She back Alor Setar for Fathers' Day celebration!

Friends from ex-school! xD
So nice to meet them!

Ambassadors for KSAH? LOL><

After some days in the school, I had already adapt here and had made quite alot new friends...
All are nice and funny people!
*some of them alil kapsiao but good*
Danson and Zuray

We made alot jokes on Danson but hopefully he's not angry.
He's kinda kapsiao and like to make joke on others, but then he always PHAILED...==
Does he look like the zebra in Madagascar and the donkey in Shrek?
lol... Mr Bok Han, don't angry ya xDDDD

The guy is Mr Song!
He's super cute!!!

The left one, I think you all sure know already.
Then again Danson, and ShiYun.
And the another one kapsiao is ChunYee who damn close like couple with Danson...==Esther said he's just look so honest and naive...Opss! Sorry, TOTALLY NOT!But he's still a good person larh=D

Besides, there's a blood donation activity by Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital and since I had reach 18 so I went for it!

I had lost 300cc of blood==

The diameter of the needle used, I think is about 1mm...@@

My blood type is O+ !!!

I'm so crazy one and super active even just finish blood donating!
My friends just ask me why I didn't ask the doctor to check for me see whether I have over-active or not...xDDD
There's no other bad effect on me like what my friends go through and I just feel that my hand just feel no energy after donating blood!

Just donate blood yesterday and went for squash today with SiewWoon and YihanxDDD
So make mommy worry one!
It's ok since I'm so STRONG!!!

Thanks Hannee for this nice pic=)))

Thursday, 7 June 2012

About 4am now...
Watching Japanese drama 'BOSS' with my sis and revise my PA...=)))

So sorry that I had left my blog there so soooo many daysss!
I hate this holiday!
Super busy!
Tuition, tuition and tuition!
Especially the second week, omg, whole day tuition!
Besides tuition, the days left are just study and homework....
Make me freaking tired!
*I can sleep for more than 24 hours without waking up*

I had pass my JPJ!
Anyway, so happy that I finally can drive myself!

UPU IPTA and Matrikulasi application result will be announced today at 12pm and 5pm...
I hope I can get matrix so I can no longer suffer in form6!
Why you result not be announced earlier???
Tell a truth, if you're not the kind of person who able to bear killing stress, then DON'T EVER THINKING ABOUT TO STUDY IN FORM6!
Especially the new system, I don't know why most people say its easier than old system, BULLSHIT!
So rushy since open school!
We have no time to adapt the new life and things.
We have to force ourselves to absorb EVERYTHING given!

No pic for this post.
Because I'm so busy and rare to take pic...
And those older pics are in camera's memory card, I just too busy to take the pic out and edit...

So, goodnight all>.<
*Pray that I can get matrixT^T*