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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

#Kpop Acapella Loving

Today's JPJ test, I failed at hill there...='(((
Because I was toooooo nervous!!!
But luckily I pass the road part...@@
Gonna have another 1 hour to have practice and take retest...T^T

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Continue my story=DDD
Yesterday, before going library, I had my breakfast with WeiTeng and SiewWoon in McD.

Had order this set...
Forgot what its name...==zzz...
The crust is damn nice and soft!
You can see the black sesame ALL in it!

Bought Elianto eyeshadow❤
But not use as eye shadow=目

And bought also Garnier mask!
3 steps for a clear skin!
Follow it by the number I wrote on pic!

A whole new Oxy product!
Icy Cool Wash!
Super nice!

These are hang-on perfume.
You can hang them on the wall on in the car for fresher air~

Our super messy table!
*My supper messy mind...because of Math T...==*

I really really really do express out my anger!
I need lens cases for my lenses.
And you know how much are them each?!
Shit! Just a little plastic cost RM3!
And the salesgirl still said: Welcome next time=) to me, SORRY, NO NEXT TIME!

I found this in the library!
A meaningful book, gonna have a read next time.=)))

 I think I gonna have to make a number of products' review...

Gonna take my JPJ test tomorrow....PANIC!!!*shiver...*

Monday, 28 May 2012


I'm just back to home from dinning with family and aunt's family outside=)

Well, today and yesterday, I went to the public library for revision...
*Hardworking me...BULLSHIT*

Lunch in City plaza's food court.
I really miss the food in the food court of City Plaza...
And the TomYam yum yum........@@zzz

The Nasi Tomato there is nice too...
*At least I like it*

 Share two scoops of ice-cream with SiewWoon, Mint and Yam!

I'm totally a PEACH LOVER!!!

Random shoot:
 Shoe lace❤

Cant stand such cutie things!!!!>.<

Okay, will continue when I'm free...
Or maybe tomorrow=)))


♥ Moment

Yup, within the pics I captured yesterday, I love this the most!
The granny is really old and her eyes can't see!
No no no, I'm not making story by this picture as I was AT THE SCENE!!!

The granny was waiting for bus but her eyes couldn't see!
I saw alot warm people helped her out!
Taking her to ask for bus and ensure that she's not entering on the wrong bus...
Taking her here and there...
And finally, the bus which go to the place she wants came, and two Malay girls sending her into the bus until the ticket inspector led her to the seat!

So warming and caring society, I LOVE IT!!!
*I'm feeling like so touch and tears seem wanna come out when typing this...❤*

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Who Do You Think You Are?!

I think for those who follow me on Facebook will wonder what is actually going on with the 'Fat Event'...
Now I'm telling...
Now, firstly, I'm showing the whole conversation!
*Nothing hide, I do show all!!!*

This is the very first time we chat, before this, we never chat in anywhere even comments!
And we're just FB friend...=.=

For those who not understand Chinese, I shorten the conversation and tell you here.
He said that I must be take in fried food often.
I wondered and asked why say so.
Then he said that I look alil fat in my pic. (When I read this, I just felt like: wth?!)
Then I said I originally not thin at all...And I like fried food but I didn't take it often.
He said: Oh! Do you know there're lot of unhealthy fat in your body?
I felt so sweat and speechless and replied that: Such thing I don't know, but I just know that my BMI is normal!
Then, he said that I must discharge these fat out!
I said that: I know the way of detoxification, my health has no problem and I have no big complain about my body shape.
Then he claimed that oil discharge is different with detoxification and still said that wanna teach me how to discharge the fat...
I felt annoyed and replied that I temporarily no need that yet, I'll diet when I need to. Besides, there's no any one with just ALL healthy thing in his body!
He emphasized that oil discharge give help in diet.
I totally in fire and speechless and said that: No need! I still able to wear on free sized clothes!
My mind was totally on fired and I scold alot: When I need diet, I'll diet on my own! Yup, I'm not thin enough but I'm healthy! Don't you tell me there's anyone with just 100% healthy content in his body~ Don't tell me that there're anyone who just take in food without chemical totally~ Don't tell me that shampoos, toothpaste and facial cleanser contain NO CHEMICAL~ Moreover, I have no big complain about my body shape now. I'm still eating, and I do eat alot! But I'm still normal in size!

Don't say that are there any unhealthy content yet, I know that your brain are all rubbish!

You know why I'm not using English in the conversation?
Because this slut don't understand English!!!
And he kinda like order me to use Chinese! I hate that!
I had no any good feeling since start the conversation as he ordered me to use Chinese...
That's no wrong you don't understand English and yup, I can use Chinese but when you ask me to use Chinese, can you use a nicer tone?
You are the rudest people who ask me to use Chinese I met!

Yup, I admit that I'm not thin at all and sometimes, fat!
So what?!
I still able to wear free sized clothes!
I still able to shop around and buy the clothes I like without worry whether I can fit in or not!
I'm healthy!
My BMI is normal!
I'm not obese!

I'm fat and I know it!
I am who I am!
*Calm down...Calm down...phewwww*

I never said that others can't call me fatty, just you have to base on who you are!

Friday, 25 May 2012


Fell like so boring in no-study days=(((
*Maybe I have too much holidays since after SPM....*
So, I do freaking bored in no-school days...
Even just weekend break!
I don't wanna stay bored at home!!!

Rescue me!!!

Now I'm revealing my new lenses❤
Geo lenses!

This is the pair of lens I bought from an online lens seller , NiNi
I just listed the conditions I want:
  • 14mm< diameter <16mm
  • look natural after wearing as I wanna wear them to school
  • dark brown color or black color
  • degree: Left-0, Right:200~225
And I just let her choose me any suit to my conditions.
She choose me this!
The lenses do look natural on me
They're much softer than the lenses I bought before!
So you maybe feel really comfortable when wearing these!
Sometimes they do make me feel scare of they will just disappear or slide to the another side of my eyeball because the over comfortable until I can't feel them!
*Super good in imagination me=.=*
And they're quite cheap even including postage!!!
She's having lenses promotion now, so GRAB one fast!

See me after putting on the lenses!

Wanna go to the public library tomorrow with SiewWoon for our Pengajian Am homework...
*And also avoid me from become mad due to boring-ness...*
Postpone to Sunday as SiewWoon has thing to do...*sigh*
Since I need to wait my cousin to bring me Form6 reference books and before that I have nothing to do in the stupid holidays....=.=
So I think I may go to the library quite often...==
So, are you meeting me there?

Laughter time!


Thursday, 24 May 2012


My very first time wearing Baju Kurung...
*Sorry for the bad bad bad pic cause the one who took the pic is a camwhore idiot...*

I'm actually a passion and crazy girl!
For those who know me, they will ALWAYS ADMIT THIS!
Don't claim why I always keep quiet in school....
Because my over-passionate will scare newbie away!

What I hope to do actually is new lot of new friends and take a lot of picssssss and crazy together by talking super nonsense thingies since we're not really busy yet...

Somehow, I understand that my over-passionate will scare the newbies away...
So I just #ACTCOOL.....==

Why I'm didn't talk automatically with newbies?
Cause once I open my mouth, SORRY IT'S HARD FOR ME TO STOP IT....==
This is so-called OVER-PASSIONATE!
I'll talk a lot nonsense and make those newbies feel that I'm really a free and annoying person...
I don't hope that...

So please girls and guys, if you willing and wanna talk with me, just call me and talk>.<
I keep studying not because I'm hardworking, but I'M TOO BORED IN CLASS and had NOTHING TO DO!



Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I know I really look not well in this pic...
Cause I'm too tired right now...

I just back from Math T tuition...
Blurring and robotic-ally listen for almost 2 hours...@@
Found that I had forgot most the basics learnt in form5!!!
Luckily there's a semester break next week for about 2 weeks, I have enough time to study back...

My brain gains toooooo much nutrients today...==
Whole day in school: making note(I even finish the part teacher didn't teach yet!), studying, revision....@@
I do wanna sleep but I can't sleep, really nothing to do as teachers didn't enter the class most of the time and I had NTH to do!!!!!
My brain and eyes are tired....

Ok, I dye my hair back into natural colour means black colour.
How ever, my siblingsssss agree that brown looks muchhhh moreeeee natural than black on me...==
Black looks like I deliberately dye it*Ya, I know I did dye them into black, but you got what I mean, right?*
I got no choice ok?
*Cause the kapsiao teacher*

I'm waiting for my lenses to arrive, as I don't hope my right eyes to become blind!
*I have a ridiculous short-sighted degree...== Left: 0 ; Right: 200~225*
So, lenses can you come to me faster????

Anyway, gonna off to finishing my Math T tuition's homework...
Tooooooo much to be done and gonna pass up on the coming Thursday!
So sick...@@"""

Stay Tuned❤

The words below is dedicated for my ex-school juniors:
Girls, I do know that we have really complain about Asma's teacher from our chatting...
Don't blame and don't critic how bad are them again!
Cause you don't meet worse yet!
We all always hate the prefects in Asma, and always said that they're really annoying and kapsiao...
Girls, you don't meet more annoying and kapsiao yet!
Do remember, Asma teachers REALLY REALLY REALLY do treat their students good! Damn good!
I was one of you all who complain the most, but I do miss ASMA right now!
You no need to study at the third floor!
Your toilets are available in any block even any form!
We don't! Our toilet is at ground floor there're NO TOILET FOR STUDENT in the whole form6 block building no matter for male or female!
Try imagine that even you have a stomach ache or wanna pee, you gonna climb about 4 floors of stairs and walk a distance of way to reach the toilet! And when you wanna back to your class, you gonna climb about 4 stairs again!!!
ASMA go really really really awesome as you just have to walk steps to reach toilet!
And, don't complain about ASMA's co-op anymore!
ASMA do really AWESOME!!!!!!
No matter in the attitude of teachers, toilets' situation and co-op and canteen!!!!!
You complain cause you never meet much more worse one yet!
Appreciate it!
I can say so much about this because I HAVE THE EXPERIENCE!!!!
You can disagree to me, but you'll agree to it one day...
*Don't ask me did I cry when writing those which was is my mind and heart for days, I just can say that I DO REALLY MISS THOSE WHEN I WAS STUDY IN ASMA*

Monday, 21 May 2012


Scene on the way....
*Don't ask why there's an uncle....*

Hey! Guys!
I'm back!
Not really yet study session in school~

On the way to school...
Listening to Electroboyz's Ma Boy 2...
*Try it, available in my blog's music player*

Guess which class I got?
U1 Beta!!!
*Out of my expectation*
YiHan , SiewWoon and WeiTeng are same class with me! Yahoooooo!
In fact, SiewWoon was in Delta class, but since teacher need to increase the number of students who take Physics, so she and some were ordered to change to our class...

Yi Han likes to graffiti...

Beta class is mixed of students who take Biology and students who take Physics...
The number between two subjects suppose to be balanced, right?
But nope, students who take Biology are more about 10 people in my class!

On the way to school...
On the bridge in front of my school....
The morning scene is nice, right?

Well, I do love Biology much more than Physics...==
Well, my class is at the third floor!!!!
But W.C. is at the ground floor!!!

Yi Han seemed really bored...=P

Anyway, until today, I really don't have a good impression about the school...
I love my ex-school more...=.=

 Our class teacher is Puan Haslinda, who is also our biology teacher...
She's look smart add not that easy person...
*wtf I'm talking about?*

Yihan loves green tea and I love peach tea

My friends and I always said that our class is a kisiao (means crazy) class...
Since our class has many crazy people!
When we're sharing about each classes between friends, one of them said that Danson is a big kisiao xDDD
*I admit that...*

Guys sit behind always funny and crazy...
We girls sit in front just doing our own stuff each other or just chit-chat.....=.=
*Boring day*

Open Hall*Dewan terbuka*
Where we need to gather every morning...
Have a totally good memory here*you won't know why*...=)
Well, I do not hope that here will become the place that I don't even wanna memory...

Estherification's 'fake' eyelashes...

Lastly, my dead fish face...=.=
Healthiness seems not really well........

Bye and Stay Tuned for the next post❤

Friday, 18 May 2012


A super busy and rushing yesterday...@@
Once reach home, rush for bath and then rushed for tuition...
Super rushing!
It's tiring and make my head feel like fainting...@@"

Happy school days....
*Until now, still happy and enjoy-able days*

Class dividing will be on the coming Sunday~
I'll either be in Alfa or Beta, but I think the percentage to be in Alfa in more...
*Cause I take Bio*

Group 5!
*I know I look sucks....==*

Have a mini performing competition on 15th May....
we newbies are divided into groups and all of us were given the theme '1 Malaysia' to perform...
Can either be drama, singing and dancing and etc....
We chose drama~
And we get Runner-Up!!! *Clap hands!*
ps: our leader is super duper happy.....lolz...

Gonna have revision, math T sucks....
Stay Tuned❤

I think I gonna try to wear my contact lens to school on the coming Sunday=P

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Not going school today*ponteng kaki*
Actually, school having Teachers' Day celebration, and we're not involve in anything, so...

Went Math T tuition yesterday...
Math T is really make me sick@@
Teacher said that the stuff taught were still freakingggggggg easy stuff, and those stupid questions won't be that easy...
*Easy?!  BULLSHIT!*
Anyway, they're still understand-able....
I cant imagine how my Math T will die in the days coming.....@@

I know my hand writing is ugly LOL...

In school, when bore-able talk...==
See what these two kaki did...

 Read this book recently, borrow from Hannee, really damn nice!!!
The book is talking about the cases the writer*the writer is a lawyer* met.
 Saw this in FB...
What a...

Stay tuned♥
Gonna tidy up my Math T tuition note....==zzz...

Monday, 14 May 2012

School Days #1

As most of you know that I had started my new school life since last week, already *finger counting, lol* days........
Err, don't care about it, I can't remember it!

Know alot of friends*Alot? I don't think so...=.= still crazy with my last year school's chinese girls*
No photo taken, so fail....=.=

I'm from girls' school, now going to boys' school(the school accept girls in fom6), its hard for me to survive!
I'll die of starving days after...==
Yup! Not yet dead, I'm very strong and hard to die!*cockroach...*
Keep thinking what to eat when recess the next day.....*White hair growingggggg*

Read friend's tuition Biology note, *dying* feel like reading chemistry!
Do I able to effort?
And the shit Math T!!!!!
Because of the new system, we can't change it after start study cause our first STPM exam is in November!!!
We have no extra time for the trial period!
Well, I'll try my best after choosing the stream!

Now, almost everyday is bore-able talk and talk and talk.......

I ♥ this pic!!!!!!
Captain America♥

Ok, stay tuned and, I'll try my best to take picture kay?^^

Saturday, 12 May 2012

I ♥ Montagne Jeunesse

Montagne Jeunesse is a famous UK mask brand.
I do love their mask><

I had bought a series pack or their mask form guardian store~
Fruit sensation series♥

And, I had try this one!
MJ Radiance Complexion Whitening Mask!

I know I really no need do whitening as I already have a fair skin*cheeeeeeehhhhhh*
I just wanna try~

Its unique!!!

What the application of a normal half-solid mask?
After washing your face, then put it thoroughly on face then relax for a couple minutes, wash off. 

But this one NOT!
You have to massage in the cream into your skin until its disappeared! *Woots!*
It quite tiring...==
I'm regretting about why I didn't separate the cream into two parts (or three) for another days?
Real! Put the whole pack of the mask to massage into your skin is TIRING cause the amount maybe too much!
Never mind! I note it down....*LoL*
Anyway, it really works!
Immediately right after you masking!
You can see the result!

Another thing you have to note down,
The mask is note suitable for:
  • Acne prone skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Skin with wound

I'm a Montagne Jeunesse lover, now and forever!
*Stupid baby hair, sigh*

Besides, happy to tell that I had pass my QTI test today*Clap hands*

Goodnight & Stay Tuned♥
Tomorrow is school day=)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Totally fall in love with him ♥

Gonna watch?