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Thursday, 26 April 2012


Baby Esther just stop her work and we went for movie, Battleship yesterday.

Heard friends said that Battleship is a nice movie.
Yup! Absolutely!
Nice guys everywhere.....
Rihanna looks great with the look in Battleship!
And the damn reptile alien...==
Ok, well, just felt that actually old men can me so handsome!

She has a jealous-able flawless skin right?><

Let's play Hide&Seek!

Have a shopping in Watsons store!
Be a Watsons member is really saving!!!
You can redeem the points into cash to buy stuff in Watsons, and members can always enjoy extra discount!
Prreti Eye mask and Pure Beauty cleansing liquid.
I bought the cleansing liquid with extra rm5 off!
I think I bought alot from Watsons and I'd redeem all my collected points.
Total, I had save for nearly rm10!

Anyway, click here for more photos update.❤

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

We Not Naughty❤

Went cinema to watch We Not Naught with family.
A nice and educative movie.
Kids are pure, but why they'll become naughty?
In these cases, hose who as parents have to pay they responsible!
*0MG! Joshua Ang and Shawn Lee are soooo handsome>.<*

*why this pic make sense of clubbing?o.O*

What we bought and entered the cinema><

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Going form6???=目

Anyway, mommy don't really hope that=)
Cause form6 is hard to study.
Anyway, it's a chance, I'll try my best!
Quite shock and happy and surprise that I still can study science stream!
*Although I hope to study Mass Com*

Funny google homepage!
Let's unzip!!!

Blaze me!!!


Already one month from my birthday=)
Now I am 18years old and 1 month>.<

Not in good mood...
Keep emo-ing, someone help?
Or I should go to release what I think???

Anyway, I suddenly think of to read some nice paragraph

I still waiting my license L to be proceed, JPJ work faster pleaseeeeee^^
I wish I got my license L come out and going to driving learning session!
I have to spend my time in business or I may thinking something stupid and catch myself in emo>.<

Sunday, 22 April 2012

That Day...

On 19th, I went for my third undang test...
* Shame!*
Luckily I pass!!!!
God blessing me=')))
*Die of happy*
But then a funny thing happened there after taking picture and wanna sign for attendance.
The staff asked me, which face powder I use, and did I put on anything before putting on powder?

Following daddy went Alor Star Mall then to buy movie tickets...
Actually I wish to meet my babe Esther>.<
So so long time don't see her!

One of the MUST NOT MISSED thing when you go Alor Star Mall!

She works in Gintell shop~

As you know, I had a hair cut=)

See the peach tea???=DDD

Lastly, meet Meow Meow❤

Gonna go for car driving theory tomorrow, sienz...

Friday, 20 April 2012


Don't know why>.<

Anyway, will blog about today and yesterday soon=)))
We Not Naughty is a nice and educative movie!

I had polish my nails❤ 

I know, look like a lil fatty>.<
*Goin to diet!*

Love PEACH juice so so much!

Lastly, meet my kitten

Thursday, 19 April 2012


I had go to salon to cut my annoying long fringe today.
Just make it shorter and thinner and tidy the shape~
The salon in Alor Star Mall, ground floor.
I forgot the name of the salon, it is the only salon in Alor Star Mall*I think*

See the annoying fringe>.<

The stylist is cutting my fringe *LoL*
 Look at my CoolBlog Peach Juice❤
I ❤ Peach.

The result❤

Ok, I really miss my baby Esther who work in Alor Star Mall T^T
Really long time didn't see her!
Baby I miss you❤

Never mind, tomorrow going AS Mall again with family to watch We Not Naughty.
It is a very nice movie, isn't it?

Anyway, meet Miao Miao

Stay Tuned❤

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


See what I had done to my camera>.<
And, gonna let you all reveal my Chinese Blog!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Skin Care Taboo

I know most people will mistaken something about skin care steps or something which should avoided!
Top 3 taboos are: Save, Lazy and Dirty!
Today I wanna share the first taboo with you all=D

The first taboo in skin care is over saving!
Some people have the saving habit when they having their skin care. But there's a point you need to alert about, when you keep saving your skin care products, the effects shown maybe get worse!

For those who use pasting mask(gel mask, mud mask, cream mask), and they always think that this kind of mask just need a little amount, and its saving. But in fact, the little amount used is NOT ENOUGH! Make it thinker layer will make a barrier on your skin which provide nutrients especially T-zone!
**Example of paste mask**

For those who use sheet mask, please remember that mask sheets are NOT REUSABLE!!! So don not reuse the mask! The essence left in the pack, you can apply on your hand or neck or clavicle, BUT NOT keep for next time! Cause the essence will chemically change after opening.
**Example of sheet mask**

Make sure you make your cleanser into foam state before you apply on your face. Because the one which really cleaning your skin, not the product you use but the foam made!

Anyway, it not means that richer foam is a better cleansing products. Much richer foam means the product is added with many amount of blowing agent and may cause skin stimulation. So you better choose a low foam cleansing products. Don't feel ridiculous about what I said yet! A low foam cleansing product makes foam too! Just ensure that you go through the correct steps.
**Example of low foam cleanser**
Low foam facial cleansers are usually gel type cleanser, such as OXY Acne Wash, Simple Facial Wash.

Put a suitable amount of cleanser on your palm, mix with a little water, then use your fingers of another hands to rub the mixture circularly and gently until it become foam state. Then, smear the foam thoroughly onto you both palm, gently massage onto your face=)

There' re still another two taboos to share, stay tuned


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Is this what a Thumbelina saw???

Suddenly think to wanna have short hair....
But its tragedy !

SOS!!! Cosmetic Transformer!

As I said, I'm gonna show a little tips of makeup❤

How's about when you're at a dinner or ready to date but then you just found that your cosmetic is finished already!
You won't think to rush to stores to buy it at such last minute, right?
So, now here's some tips to help you to transform your cosmetic!
Cosmetics have many uses, blusher not mean just a blusher, it also can be used as eye shadow, right?
So here you go!

Transformation 1: Eye shadow ---> Cake Eyebrow

Just use eye shadow eyebrow. Apply eye shadow by using a simple and flat brush on your eyebrow. Then use eyebrow brush to brush your eyebrow to make it look natural.

Transformation 2: Eye shadow ---> Glitter
Put a little eye shadow on you palm and rub thoroughly, apply on beck or clavicle!

Transformation 3: Lip stick ---> Blusher
Mix up lip stick and your face lotion, then apply on cheek!

Transformation 4: Mascara ---> Eyebrow Gel(cream)

Don't you found that the brush of mascara and brush of eyebrow gel are almost same? You'll know what to do^^

Transformation 5: Mascara ---> Eyeliner
Apply a small amount of mascara onto your fingertip, use a tiny and sharp brush to apply it onto your eyes=)

Transformation 6: Mask essence ---> Hair Leave On conditioner

After masking, just directly apply your mask sheet onto your hair tips or any parts necessary, then wrap up your hair with a dry towel. Leave it for about 20minutes, take down the mask sheet and just comb your hair. No need rinse=))) 

Friday, 13 April 2012

Found quite amount of skin care and makeup tips!

Surprisingly found that the makeup tips were applied by myself before I reading any article about the points!

Well well well!
I'm still interpreting the data and translating it!
And will make post about that!
Stay tuned❤


There're too much nice kpop song released these few days and my dance step-to-learn list become longer and longer><

Latest update:
SISTAR's Alone
4minute's Volume Up
NU'EST's Face

Congratulate me that I had done Volume Up yesterday within 1 hour!
*Break my own record!*

And, I'm still confusing whether wanna going to dance or not...:(
Well, will show out if have chance

Sony Ericsson Xperia ultima is released! *But not yet available in M'sia I think*

  • 4.3-inch Reality Display multi-touch screen powered by Sony’s proprietary Mobile BRAVIA® Engine
  • Dual-core 1GHz processor
  • 16GB onboard internal memory
  • 12.1 megapixel camera capable of HD capture thanks to Sony’s Exmor R sensor
  • Android 2.4 (Gingerbread) with Sony’s Timescape social interface
  • Possible 4G/LTE support
Anyway, it is not yet available in Official Sony Ericsson Malaysia site=)

A capture last night❤

PS: Luckily no extra unwanted things happened after the earthquake some days before=)
Thanks God❤!