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Friday, 30 March 2012

Went ChengBeng today morning*I was forced*, it was sooooooo tiring@@.....
Anyway, this is me and my younger sister.
*Yes, younger sister*

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The LORAX vs Seefood

I watched Dr. Suess' The LORAX just now. it just a nice and awesome cartoon!!!

Here's the trailer.

But now then, I had missed the chance to watch Seefood in cinema and I do really hope to watch it, anybody know where can I watch it again?
And does Seefood has DVD???


Both of the cartoon had about the same topic, that's CARE FOR ENVIRONMENT.

So, if you know where can I watch Seefood, please kindly tell me=)


As I said, I'm gonna blog about it.
*I'm lazy blogger again, ya=(*

The gathering was on 19th March but see the date today...=.=LoL
I had get the pics from many sources.
Thanks to Wanyi, Thanks to Jingyi, Thanks to Ellyssa, and Thanks to ME!
Thanks RJing too who help me a lot=)))
We had our gathering here, Steamboat+BBQ
*I ❤ Bungalow more*

We're asked to wear read shirt, cause the shirt of the camp of Chinese club year of my year were red in colour.
*Just the shirt I wore, and each shirt was printed on each name of the owner on the right sleeve. Besides, the graphics at the back of the shirt were designed my Baby RJing❤*

Had many pictures captured
Many choices of food and drinks to be chose.

Baby Esther and me❤

*I busy onlining...LoL*

Captured by Baby Ellyssa and edited by me❤
*Look stupid, I know*

I ❤ these two pics the most ❤ ❤ ❤

My dimple, too deep LoL
*Maybe I should mosaic up my face?==*

We captured each other=D

ZheeHan, I got really long time didn't see her, MISS HER ALOT❤

Esther, ZheeHan, Me❤

Baby RJing and me❤
*She's pretty right? But sorry, NOT AVAILABLE.=PPP*

Ok, that night, most of the time, I busying FB...=.=

I really need to thanks to RJing that night, cause most of the food I ate were cooked by her❤
*The meat and vege provided are raw, so we need to cook them by the pot provided*

SelfCa moment❤

SelfCa moment❤

My outfit, based on the theme, just a red camp tee and a white pants❤

Baby Ellyssa feeding me❤

When you saw my pictures above, you may wonder, why there're lot plastic bag or why my baggie was fulled of things.
HA❤ Here's the reason!
Presents from Esther and RJing❤

Lastly, a group photo❤
Provided and edited by Wanyi.THX=)))

Love my  blog's new design?
Well, if there's any problem about the new design, please kindly inform me=)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Suddenly think of wanna make thisxDDD

How do you think? Cat? Or Rat?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New Skin!

I'd try my whole day to change my blog design!
Cause I need to choose suitable and nice words design...
And every single part, I have to ensure I won't look weird~

The design now is not bad right?
*Anyway, I do love it!*

I know, I must take the blog like my own baby and update it often, and won't ignore nor be lazy!
I know... I know...
So I'll try my best to update often=)))

And, don't ask about my SPM result cause it is freaking and out of control, BAD!!!
I shocked, my friends shocked, and family shocked!
So, don't ask and I won't tell='((((((

Besides, I wanna tell that, I'd buy some clothes from Pinky Fashion. I had received them and  I ♥ them soooo much! And I think I'll keep support the shop=)

And before the day taking result, I had a gathering with my classmates...

Esther, Zhee Han, Me♥

Monday, 26 March 2012

Acapella World

I found some nice acapella videos from youtube!
Really<3 <3 <3

#Everybody wants to be a cat

#Super Mario Bros

#Lady GaGa's Medley

#Acapella of Disney's Medley

Kpop/Jpop Acapella
#TVXQ's concert in 2007

#Goodnight sweetheart

Nice, don't they?=D

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Story in the Camp: Day 3

In fact, I dont hope to post it so fast, but I so sad to see my blog viewed status dropped so fast!='(
The other reason I lay blog about it is because I have to upload sooooo many pictures and it make my internet speed slow down...
However, I need to rescue my blog viewed status!!!

Anyway, let's start!
As days before, the timetable, same, so I;m not gonna talk about it more=)

 Class . Lesson
Ms. Tam is giving lesson.

Children are asked to listen carefully and make mind map=)

After lunch time, they have walk.

Gaming time!

QiaoHui sis is giving instruction!

Kids enjoy the time!

See how much he enjoy?=D

 Drama Session!

*My group get the lowest marks, anyway, I still love them!*

Okay, now comes with random shooting and photo taking!

Me and my junior, Waiyee, She's a pretty girl right?=)

Kelvin and me.

She looks like my friend!

Funniest pic of the day!

*What the kid wanna doing huh???*

Me and Yxin

OK, End!

Yesterday was my birthday! Wish me a Happy Birthday! LOL
No outing, no celebrating, sad=(
*All because of my shit result*
Anyway, days still go on, wish my have a bright future!