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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Welcome To Kampong Radioaftif

My cousin shared this on FB, it is sooooo funny, so I"m gonna share this here for my readers=D

Hand Made ♥ing

Do found some damn nice hand made stuff from FB~
One is from Angie Loong ; another one is from my junior, Peik Hwa .

Angie's handmade products' page, Giraffe Handmade Shop
Angie good in making baggie♥
Nice, isn't it?

Handmade Ipad sleeve♥

Phone Strip♥

While, Peik Hwa is good in making accessories and bookmarks.
Here's her page about the hand made stuff, 100 Love's Handmade 

Handmade bookmarks

Handmade pencil case♥

All different style handmade stuff just only one made, no the second one=)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dance Vid comes!!!

Finally come!!!
Thanks Shireen sending me=)
And, miss Jomien, when you wanna send me???

Anyway, I said I'll post, right?
Here comes!

Thanks for watching and give some comment please=)

PS: Our dancing skill is really getting worse as we have too long time didn't dance already>< 
Sorry if we disappointing you=(

Another thing I wanna noted about the video, 3D function is available!

To Dance?

Received a short video from Shireen already, need to edit, rotate first...==
Anyway, thanks Shireen=)

Do you all in Alor Setar interest in joining us this coming Friday?
If you do, then inbox me in my FB.
Or email me: 

Well, waiting for your contact=)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Elio means...

From a Facebook app, shows that Elio Jin means brave in pursuing dream~
Do I?
Maybe, YES!

Well, this few days headache about clothes to buy....
Too much I want, I tried to filter and filter and filter and filter!
Somehow there're still many stuff!

*Finding stuff*

*Real, no makeup, no edit! I swear!*

*Still waiting videos mailed to me...==*

Sunday, 26 February 2012

I Am.....

I didn't post a proper introducing post before since this blog site revealed...
I'm waiting for the videos, my friends didn't send me yet...
*How late they are, sigh...JOKE*
Here comes a simple biodata...

Name: Elio
Real Name: *Not to reveal, however, just call me Elio*
B'day: 24th March 1994
Horoscope: Aries
Blood type: O
I come from: Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia
School: I had graduate from Sultanah Asma Girls School and now I'm waiting for SPM result to continue my study.

I can speak: Chinese, English*not so fluent*, Malay*not so fluent*, Hokkien, Cantonese, A lil Korean...
I love to: Dance, Sing, Performing, Online, Eat, Shopping
I good in: Dance and rap and sleep and spending money...LOL
Wearing style I like: Britain style, Vintage style, Casual style
Music: Kpop and all nice music are acceptable.
Novel: Dan Brown, Zhang XiaoXian
Movie: No a specific type, I watch according to my mood.
Status: Single*recently not ready for relationship*
*Dance session*

Email me:
My weibo*Chinese twitter* : 
Twitter :!/DanceeBabyJin!/Elio_ism

Lastly, I wanna share something my best friend, Ellyssa done, she's a nice singer and had made some cover.
Here they are...
Reflection cover

Jar of Hearts cover

Twilight: Breaking Dawn OST, A Thousand Years cover

Click and like pour page: Double E


Saturday, 25 February 2012


I had a really rushing day yesterday(24.02.2012).
Dance session, then back home at 6.00pm, and then need to prepare for my outing with Alicia and BoonChing them again...
Tiring, but HAPPY=)

Steambot + BBQ = YUMMY!


Alicia snapped me when I was busying eating.

Everyone were busying enjoy the time.

Alicia & me=)

Snapping toooooooo many pictures that day and I have no too much strength to edit and post them...@@
*However, the pictures posted in this post are really many...*

Alicia and Winnie.

Me, *I don't know her name* , Winnie and Alicia.

We 3 !
Winnie, Alicia and me!

Well, I love playing with Alicia's super duper cute mirror!
It's really cute!

Alicia and her classmates.

You won't know how funny is the situation when I took this pic...

JiaYong and Alicia.

Besides, Alicia celebrated her early birthday which is on 27.02.2012
*So sorry to Alicia that I had forget the date...
Yup, I did memorize it, but after some days busying, the memory gone...==

A group photo of the day=)
*A girl who went so help us to take picture as she said we all are 94line, but she's younger*
**I don't know the girl's name but I know that she's younger sister on my old classmate**

Then, we're back at about 11.30pm.

Not gonna update about my dance session yet as Jomien still not sending me the videos.
Btw, I'm posting a group photo of the day=)
*Thanks YiFun to help to taking the picture and not in the picture.*
Btw, you'll see YiFun when I update about the dance session=)

Friday, 24 February 2012

Just a short update as I still have a little time...
Gonna rush for BBQ at Bungalow tonight=D

Dance practice just now=)

We girls do bring the boys out!!!

Esther and me=)

ps: Don't even have the time to edit my pictures...>.< Wait for tonight and still need Jomien to send me the video she recorded.
Thanks to the people who help me take pictures and videos and giving the chance.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nice Voices to share

Whenever You Call by Mariah Carey, I think most of you may know this song.
Song nice~

Hyorin and K.Will covered to the song in a TV show*I forgot the show's name=(*

I had listened to this version for many times, however, I still love it!
Hyorin is really a nice singer.
She has a nice voice and singing techniques.
If you watch Dream High 2, then you may listen to her singing often.

Besides, I'm still introduce this, I think many people watched already as it was so hot when the video was newly released.
A jazz version of The Boys.

I ❤ Shop

I got a fever about shopping, I feel that I'm lack of clothes.
Especially when I have a date to go, I feel so sick!

I'm start aiming clothes and get them into my to-buy-list.

The Jacket❤

The Black shirt❤

Leopard Prints❤

Brown Jcket❤

The Jeans Trousers❤

Long Sleeves Shirt❤

The shirt looks cool❤

I ❤ this shirt too!

As the previous post said, I ❤ this!

The leopard prints jacket is sooo cool!

This looks nice too❤

*Booooofffffff! Too much!*
All the clothes are from the shop Sia Pinky...
I just viewed 3 ViVi style albums and I have to dare to view more album, cause I really worry I will want more and more and more...
*Although each piece of the cloth just cost about RM25 in average*

I gotta filter the list to ensure that I won't spend too much money=(

Well, I'm going to attend a BBQ gatheing with my friends and now I'm headache-ing about what to wear=(