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Pray for TienGong (Sky)

The ninth day of CNY, Hokkienese have to pray for the sky (TienGong).
My mum is hokkien, so we prayed!
Preparation was tiring!
 I did it!

My pretty mum=)

My sis wanna taking the flowers from me^^///

 After putting all the stuff needed onto table.

This huge thing is needed too!

 My uncle was burning the sticks(I dunno what its called==) for praying.

 My bro, helping my mum to prepare the paper money to be burned.

After praying, my mum cooking the mi sua(thread noodles) with boiled eggs for us=)

I love Shandy!

 An online game from weibo I play this few days=)

Random shoots of the days=)

PS: I chatted with my friend yesterday, the day me and Esther went AS Mall, she's there too but she couldn't recognize me, she just though that I'm another friend of Esther who she didn't know... TT Then, after she reading my blog post Girls Outing, she just realized that, THE GIRL IS ME!!! TT (Heart breaking)

Monday, 30 January 2012

Miss. Remember. Love.

I do miss my school time very much.
I miss my friends.
We had very very very sweet time and fun!

We had dancing and singing practice after school with our juniors, the pictures of the time, is still in my mind.
Start from zero to a well dancer~

I remember we always skip the class to the library.
I remember we chit-chat with juniors at the corner side of the library until the voice was tooooo loud, teacher of the library wondered where the sound came from but she couldn't see even a ghost!
Besides, we liked also brought our netbook to school and watched movies!

YiHan likes horror movie but she's not dare to watch alone...LOL
So, we watched at school!
In library and skipped class....== (Don't to be like us, bad students...)
But, Ellyssa don't even dare to watch even there're many people with her!
Though, she watched with us too, but.... she closed her eyes with hands half of the time...

YiHan, my cute friend who scare of cats and rats!
Because of this, I liked to bully her by not telling her when a cat was approaching...
My juniors, YinYee and HuiYi also scare of cats, what a funny people!
Me? I scare of some insects, like grasshoppers and COCKROACHES!

When tuition outside, we liked to had our dinner at the restaurants near to the tuition centre, Mum's cafe and KFC!
With Jing Yi and Siew Woon.

Me and YiHan, two crazy girls who made each other a nickname.
I call her Ah Piak, come from Stupiak which means stupid...
She call me Ah Idiot, come from Idiot.

Me and YiHan and RJing like to buy clothes from online shops and through catalogs.
But RJing bought the most...>.<
Me and YiHan like to read Ifeel magazine...

The sweetest moment of the year 2011, was when we had a birthday celebration for YiHan.
We gave her a big surprise and made her nearly crry!

Guys, I miss you all!!!

Girls, we seemed like don't really have a pictures with all of us! Find a day we all hang out and take a picture!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bad Luck in 2012

Chinese may know that who with chinese zodiac is dog, may fan tai sui in year 2012 which is a dragon year.

My chinese zodiac is dog, so I knew that this year maybe a suck year!
BUT I didn't expect something bad will happen so fast!
CNY just past!
I don't when it occurred but I just found the problem!
It's toooooooooooooo bad thing~
I'm trying to find out the mistake and solve it, but seems I got no much information about it!
Give you a hint, RED COLOUR~

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Girls Outing

Went to Alor Setar Mall with Esther today for movie, we must be damn good as we watched two movies continuously!
Actually, RJing was wish to come with us but she's just arrived AS in the midnight from Selangor and she's so tired. So she didn't come with us=(
Out fit first=)



We watched Journey2 and Ah Beng The Movie, both are nice movies!
Jouney2 is adventuring while Ah Beng is funny and warming!

 Can you see the highlight?????=D

 AS Mall is having books discount, buy 3 free 1!
But even just buy one, the price is still quite cheap! Graet discount!

I bought two, The left one (Moi Nojoud, 10ans, disvorcee by Nojoud Ali and Delphine Minoui) just cost RM14, and the right one (Deception Point by Dan Brown) just cost RM 30!!!

Moi Nojoud, 10ans, disvorcee by Nojoud Ali and Delphine Minoui
The story is talking about a girl named Nojoud Ali who was just 10 years old was forced by his father to marry to a man who older than her about 30 years old!
She was 'raped' by her own husband, after the day, she was living in the shadow of horror and fear!
Her husband abused her, beated her and detained her, she couldn't stand with such terrible life.
She knew that the only way to rescue her away for the nightmare is, divorce...
Yes, I didn't make mistake in type the name of the character of the book, she is Nojoud Ali and she is also the writer of the book! She wrote her own story into a book with a reporter who helped her, Delphine Minoui!
I don't finish the book yet but I know what's this book talking about and there's synopsis on the cover of the back side.

Deception Point by Dan Brown
I haven't yet so I can't write anything about the book.
So, I think I'll make a review after reading it and The Lost Symbol which is also written by Dan Brown.
Yup! Dan Brown is my favourite writer!

Pretty capture=) 

Sticky! I didn't buy as this is not the type I want!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Days of CNY (Part 2) + Grandma's B'day

I'm forced to post out all the post of CNY as I'm going have another post about my day out with friends tomorrow.
Every thing needs to come step by step, right?
OK, no rubbish, start!

My outfit at in the evening of the third day of CNY.
Dress from Jusco. 

We had steambot time, it seems like kinda traditional of the family of my mum's side.
They must have a steambot time every CNY.

 The yummy TomYam steambot is waiting for me=)

After all of us had our steambot for dinner, came with my grandma's B'day celebration session.
I was busy to go upstairs and down and up and down to ask all the family members to gather at ground floor.
And, I'm the camera girl of the night=)

Everyone was gathered at ground floor and waiting for the celebration. 

The birthday cake, I don't know where is it been bought cause my aunt bought it and I'm not there. 

Here's the short video of my grandma's birthday celebration, sorry for no subtitle available but you all may understand also.

Then, my second aunt was busying to cut the cake into many small pieces for all family memberssss.

(The dialogue is just for fun, not real!) 
Now, everyone were enjoying their cake!

Outfit of the third day, nothing special as I just stay at home all day long!!!
Because I was not following my cousins to go for movie, Journey 2.
Because I wanna watch with my friends tomorrow=)

Fourth day, the day I back to Alor Setar.

At about 2.30pm, we stopped in Ipoh for lunch.

We took our lunch here. 

Our meal, nice taste.
I love the kelabu the most!

The restaurant was flooded with people, we had stand there for about 30minutes then just able to have our seats.
The roads in the area were also flooded with carssssss!

After lunch, we continued our way to back home=)


Extended: Okay, I'm blurring about what to wear tomorrow.I have no idea...It's really ggggrrrrrrr.... Mu mum said that it is because the clothes I bought too much already, so I blur about it...==

Skin Care Part 2, Moisturizing Skin

Before continue my CNY posts, I'm gonna post something about skin care as what I had promised!
Now, after talking about acne prone, here comes with oily or dry skin!

Skin need water as our body need!
Moisturize is needed by ALL skin type!
Without hydrating, your size may face some problems, here's some common problems.
1. Pimples
2. Wrinkle appeared
3. Oily
4. Flaw

Most people with oily skin may think that they should use sebum removal series for their skin, in fact, IT IS WRONG! It just will make your skin worse!
First, you should know, why your skin is oily. Oily skin may cause by hormone and skin condition.
If your problem is come with hormone, then you should beware of your food intake.
But if the problem is caused by skin condition, then I have to let you know something....
When your skin surface is dry, the sebum secrete glands in your skin tissue may automatically secrete sebum( Oil ) to your skin surface to protect your skin, so your skin will become oily!

To moisturize and hydrate skin, I suggest you this brand.

The scent of this series are the same and it smell nice=)
The products of the series contain the same active ingredients.
Anti-oxidants, Fruit Water and Vitamin E.

Aqua Defense Facial Cleanser
 It contains Fruit Water and Anti-oxidants to moisturize your skin, it can also remove the cosmetics and cleanse dirt well.

Aqua Defense Toner

It contains natural mineral water and the extract of green tea and white tea. It mild texture able to hydrate your skin and also forms barrier to protect your skin.

Aqua Defense Non Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream
It's gel cream texture easily to be absorbed by you skin and leave without oily feeling. It is suitable for normal to oily skin, contain Fruit water essence and Vitamin E to give your skin double protection and long lasting hydration.

Aqua Defense Essence Moisturizer

This is almost same as Aqua Defense Non Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream, but the essence in this moisturizer is denser than the Gel Cream. Besides, this moisturizer is in gel texture but not gel cream.

Aqua Defense Hydrating Eye Roll-on
This roll-on contains Caffeine and Vitamin B5. And it special rolling ball design make the messaging and caffeine into one, it can slowly and deliberately massage and relax your eye and make your black eye into better condition.

And now, here comes my favourite product of the series!
Aqua Defense Intensive Hydrating Mask

 It contains Fruit Water extract and Vitamin E, it can hydrate your skin intensively and the hydration give long lasting.

In the series, the products I love, Top 3 is:
1. Intensive Hydrating Mask
2. Essence Moisturizer
3. Non Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream.

If you want skin care products which is just for hydration, this series, I suggest!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Days for CNY (Part 1)

As most of my friends know, I went Cheras to my grandma's home on the first day of CNY.
I went there with aunt's family and also mine=)
But of course CNY eve was in my own home.

I think you cant even believe what I wore in the CNY eve!
Just what I wore usually at home!

Second day, the first day of CNY, outfit.
Top: Padini
Bottom: Two Nine fashion 

I departed to Cheras at about 2pm.
To make me comfortable along the long long way, I changed clothes again...LOL!
 Me and my younger sis were busying to packing our luggage!
We arrived there at about 8pm more...
So late and we all were tired!
So our first day of CNY was nothing special but stayed in the car form hourssss...

Second day of CNY, was the special day, it's my grandma's birthday=D
My lovely grandma, she took care of me since I was small and was a baby yet.

Outfit of second day, I don't know where's my mum get the shirt and I forgot the shop I get the skirt=)

We (Me, my sis, my parents, my cousins and my aunties, uncles) went Jusco which placed near to my grandma's house to buy stuff needed for my grandma's birthday, such as Cake!
In Jusco, I found this funny stuff but it's costly! RM1.20 each!!!
Look cute and funny but I didn't buy.

After I bake from Jusco, I changed my skirt into pants, like this.
Pant: Two Nine fashion

That night, we all celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday.............. (Stay tuned for the next post, I hope to post it all at once but my video is uploading, it takes too long time.)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Skin Care Part 1, Acne Prone type

I had bought my shoes for CNY...
Really the last minute stuff I did...=.=
Sorry that I did take the picture yet=)
Yet, I just bought one shoes, sad=(
Never mind, I still have another new shoes=)

Now, I wanna make a conclusion about ECONOMIC AND NICE skin care products.
All the conclusion made is according to my own experience=)
For acne skin:
I recommend these products.
Oxy Acne Wash.
It is effective and nice facial wash for acne skin. But since you solve your acne problem, as it's high concentrating medicine contents will dry the skin up.

Oxy Powder Lotion.
This is really awesome products for oily and combination skin! Comparing to the direction given, I prefer more to pour the shake-welled lotion onto my palm and apply directly onto my face.
Focus more on your oily skin area such as nose as the powder will absorb the oil.
(This product also suitable for normal skin)

Oxy Blemish Control Moisturizer SPF 15 PA++.
This moisturizer is dedicated for acne prone skin as it will lighten the scar of acne. And it also can be used as a natural sun block as it contains SPF 15.

YiSheng (医圣) Acne Clearing Mask.
About mask, I really really really really wanna recommend this to you all! This product is really nice! It smell good and effective! Your acne problem may cure after using just about 3 times.

Acne Gel or Cream, NU TEEN acne away gel will be the best among products I used. It is really effective and very fast in clearing acne.

If you really have a bad bad bad condition about your scar, I will recommend you Aiken Tea Tree Oil.

Just apply a little on your acne and scar.
As I know, The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil is also a nice product.

About acne scar, pure Vitamin E oil able to cure it but I didn't use.
I use Nano-White Clay Cleanser. It is the only whitening product that won't give side effect on acne skin.
As I know, whitening products are really NOT suitable for acne prone skin as more pimples will grow after using, but NANO-WHITE series won't make me face the problem=)
NANO-WHITE clay cleanser is effective in even uneven skin tone, so it able to lighten pimple scars!

So, about skin care products for acne prone skin will come with ending here, so if you wanna know more, just comment to ask for more.
Well, I'll be posting skin care products for another skin type in the next post, so STAY TUNED=)