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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Supportive You!

Hey my dear and lovely readers, do gimme a help, ok?
My baby Esther, she'd joined a competition in Alor Setar by YMMB Alor Setar!
(Additional, please do like YMMB Alor Setar's page also, thx=P)
Don't ask me why I didn't join also, I have my own reason, ok? =P
Anyway, just help the pretty and potential girl out to win the competition by clicking the like on Facebook, ok? ^^
Here the link!
She's just look sweet, right?^^
 Thanks alotttttttt for your help!
I do really hope she'll win^^

Friday, 14 December 2012

Winter Warmers

Here I wanna blog about this awesome restaurant,
lol...Don't bother it=.='''
I love this restaurant, no lies!
The decoration, the service and the FOOD!

The menu on the table, the floral print cloth!

I love this pic=P

The decoration inside, sorry for the super blurr picT^T
But you'll like it once you step in!

Blurr again...T^T
Better than no thing...><

The wall, I love that!!!
*I love floral print<3*

The appetizer...
I started fall in love with vege=P

My darjeeling tea<3

Siewwoon's Lemon Fish chop~
I'd tried it!
It's niceeee and non-oily!
I remembered the time I tried Georgetown cafe's fish chop, yucky and smelly!
But Winter Warmers' fish chop won't like that AT ALL!!!
Yummy and melt in your mouth, no lies!

Oh! My lovely cheese bake!
Sooooooooo cheesy and yummy!
It's quite many amount for me, and not oily at all!
The cheese put is really really thick<3
Siewwoon who is a cheese lover just keep drooling looking my cheese bake~

Honey dew pudding<3
Very smoothhh...

My stomach gonna burst when the dessert was given, super full!!!!
But just super yummy=P
The cost is just cheap><

I look nicer with short fringe or long fringe????

Wait for next post, bye<3

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bread History

I love this restaurant+bakery.
Siewwoon and me went for dinner on the first day we went Penang.
We both like this restaurant~
We were satisfy with all aspect of the restaurant.
Good and polite service.
Yummy and tasty food.
Clean and hygiene place and kitchen.

Can you differentiate peach tea and lemon tea???

My yummy and creamy grilled chicken with fettuccine carbonara<3

So creamyyyyy~

Siewwoon's yummy chicken chop!

Can have a try!
You won't regret it=)))
Waiting for next update ya,bye^^

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Le Penang: Unluck!

The second day was a tough day for us!

Well, to start the story of the day, I had to tell the story of the night of the first day when we're on the way back hotel first.
ChunYee and Esther were tired, so they back hotel earlier.
Me, Siewwoon, YiHan and Alex still boh kam buan to back hotel that earl, so we back together later when YiHan said her legs' cramp.
On the way back, Alex tried to ask the driver about the cost to go to botanical garden from hotel.
The driver told us that if we wanna go botanical garden from hotel, it's cost rm60, and so do back to hotel from botanical garden.
He also told us that, if we wanna charter the taxi for a day, he just cost us rm200 and we can go anywhere in Penang and even Butterworth within that day even late at night!
It's really cheap and we can make our schedule funnier and fuller, so we decide to charter it!
And because his car is bigger, so can take all 6 people of us!
So, we need to pay about rm34 each person, why not?

We'd decide, we wanna go botanical garden first for biology project, then back hotel for rest and bath, then we'll go Perangin Mall, 1st avenue and anywhere else in the evening, then at night, we wanna go to the beach!
How fun any enjoyable!

We went botanical garden at 10.30am, but reached there much more later because the driver go the wrong way lol...==
Alex said he paid rm50 as deposit for the driver first, we'll pay the left at night after all the schedule.


Have a long long walk in the morning is so a nice try!

Look like sisters???

Esther and her huge boyfie, ChunYee

Yihan and Alex chasing dragonfly LOL

This couple was chasing butterflies around two BIG trees!
What the funny couple they are!

Snap snap with Esther's cap xD
*Sorry to ChunYee that I accidentally snapped his big and sexy butt LOL*

We're so fail!
Spent hours in botanical garden just to chase a dragonfly and a butterfly LOL
So we'd give up and decide to back hotel cause it was soooooo HOT!!!!
When we arrive hotel, the taxi driver said he wanted all rm200, we felt so weird and two guys tried to communicate with the driver.
The idiot driver suddenly said that the 'a day' he meant is just from 8am to 5pm if we charter his taxi, wtf?!
We felt so cheated!
He changed this and that and totally different with what he said last night!
So we not going to charter taxi already and he ask us to pay rm150 for the fees to and fro botanical garden!
He said it just cost rm120!!!
Somehow, the two guys tried to communicate and we paid the left rm70...
We should not paid that rm70 since he cheated us!!!!!
Our plan all changed!
We're in double 'gry'----->anGRY and hunGRY!
We just decide to go a nearby restaurant to settle our hunGRY~
We went a korean restaurant, and I forgot the name of the restaurant LOL...==
After a lot yummy food, about 75% of our anGRY gone also xDD
We're just easy to satisfy, just need yummy food!
So we just back hotel with our 100% full tummy and rest and go to swimming pool!!!

View from swimming pool!

Me and siewwoon<3

After a few minutes, ChunYee and Esther came and join us too!
Dammit so fun!

Back to room from the pool, so cold and I nearly got flu!!!
The room was cold like a big freezer for us and four of us keep striving for the only one bathroom!

Then, since our plan was gone so we went Queensbay Mall again to walk and shop and dinner and spent our time...==
Tried to shop for some clothes, but phail...==
Look weird eh?

After about a year I bought the legging, finally I wore it out~
<3 leggings recently lol

Our day, just end like this...==
So boh kam buan~~~~T^T

Wednesday, 5 December 2012





Tuesday, 4 December 2012



Sunday, 2 December 2012

Le Penang: Let's Go!

Since baby Esther keep asking when I'll blog about Penang trip, so now I make my first post of that first to satisfy her...errr....temporarily...==

We went Penang on 28th and go for 3days2nights.
Short, but nice and memorable=)
Heading to Penang=)

In bus stop~

Our plan:
-Check in hotel
-Queensbay Mall

We enter the wrong bus and the driver told us which bus to sit.
But when we enter the bus, the bus driver told us again actually the bus we entered before is the correct bus, wtf...==
We didn't get down of bus but the driver said he'll pass through Tanjung Bunga and that place quite near to our hotel and we can walk there or by taxi.
Dramatically, we stop at wrong place, and have to walk long long way...==
Then we gave up and decide to find taxi lol.
We're so so so tired when we arrive hotel...

Krystal suite hotel.
Once we step in the room.
From outer, I think B-suite is better...
But once enter the room, Krystal suite is much much better!
Can't wait snapping picture lol.
Siewwoon was playing hide&seek with me? xDD

After bathe and rest, we went Queensbay mall.
I didn't shop much since no a really nice dress.
I purposely finding dress cause there're some wedding dinner for me to attend.

These stuff cost me about rm70!

Me and Siewwoon had our dinner in Bread History.
Nice service and nice food.
Stomach satisfy!
Will blog about it in another post;)

First time know that 章鱼烧 is made this way~

When back hotel, they guys still don't satisfy and wanna party, so they called Domino delivery!

Domino party!

Almost the time to sleep, still snap snap snap xDDD

Saturday, 1 December 2012


Hi babes and dudes~
It's so late now and my eyes feel like wanna close..
But still have to keep them on because of MAMA 2012!
Well every k-pop lovers just very very very concern about them right?
When we're in swimming pool xD

Back from Penang yesterday...
Thought there're quite amount of unlucky things happened, but I do really enjoy the trip!
Thanks to all my friends!!!
Zhuang wu phail...==

Quite a lot pictures taken so I have to choose and edit them...
Plus on MeiTuXiuXiu kisiao these few days, I also dunno what's going wrong...==
So it may takes more more more time for me to done with those pics...

The weather so hot!!! >www<

Will update again soon!
*Pictures upload in this post is 100% no edit since meituxiuxiu kisiao jor...==*