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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ms. Suffer!

My lover still not yet back!
So lucky that my brother is sleeping, so I wont post up any new post NOW~
Baby, why you soooooooooooo pityTT
Even onlining, bird's nest drink is still needed daily~

The white netbook is my sis's one~

I didn't celebrate Christmas, thought, really few people celebrate Christmas in Alor Setar~
On that day, Pacific shopping mall has discounting promotion for Christams.
I bought some things on that day~
 Shurah hair dyer(x2), Follow Me deep repair hair serum, Silkygirl Lash Prism mascara, Maybelline Make up remover, Silkygirl pure fresh compressed powder and Garnier Pure Active Scrub.

The hair dyer, I bought 2 boxes as one box is not enough for my thick, long hair.
It is added with goat's milk, so it still able to protect and moisture your hair. (Moisture? Erm........)

In the process of dying my hair=)
The pics below is the hair colour's changes of the first day after dying my hair, still, it not yet really visible.

I try to put on a little eye make up, seems....not succeed=(

Come view the pic of Lash Prism Mascara, the effect is quite nice, but...
So sad that, after the day I bought this, the latest Silkygirl mascara is just appear on market!
Lash Curler mascara!!! GRRRRRRRRR~ 
The Lash Curler Mascara is just appear on market so I cant get any pic of the mascara online.

Now, the well-known SILKYGIRL Oil-Control compressed powder. (Well-known? OK)
As I know, this face powder is quite popular, this is quite nice, I thought...
The point, so hard I can find the tone that suitable to my skin!
Why most of the cosmetic products on the market are added whitening effect??????
It's sooooo UNFAIR to people who has fair skin! LIKE ME! XD

MAYBELLINE Eye and Lip make up remover is quite nice, mild to skin.
The cleansing effect just OK. 
If 5 star is the full marks, then I'll give it 3stars.

GARNIER pure active scrub, well-known.
The scrub beads is mild and also brings quite nice cleansing effect.
The foam made is rich and creamy, good for cleansing and won't dry uo your skin!
It fights 6 signs also!
1. Acne
2. White Heads
3. Dirts
4. Oily Skin
5. Opened pore
6. Uneven skin tone

Come, sneak peaking time, guess what is this^^

Friday, 23 December 2011

Miss SUFFER again!

Again! WTH! I just take my netbook from repairing centre and back home, then I switch on my netbook and online for not more than 2 hours! It lagged and restart automatically and show me that it had a DISK READ ERROR! I restart it over and over and over, it doesn't help! I'd already change it BIOS setting, nothing's change! So what the hell I send it to repairing centre for? And now came this problem! Sh*t! So now I'm gonna send it back to the repairing centre again! Gosh, it's wasting money! @@

Thursday, 22 December 2011

I . M. Miss Suffer

I had a suffering couple of days!
My netbook faced some problem, ERROR IN WINDOWS!
Actually, I wanna updatre my blog after celebrating my twins brothers' birthday on 19th December, but, this netbook faced ERROR~
So I had already no touch about internet for two/three days already!
So, that's the reason why I didn't update my blog~
My brothers' birthday celebration is quite eeerrrr......bored.= =
Maybe it's because my parents are busy, so they just buy a cake and KFC and celebrate at home.

Buuuutttttt, real, no joke, life without laptop/netbook/tablet personal computer/personal computer , is really BORING !!!!!!!!!! [at least, for me=) ]

So then, I sent my netbook to repairing centre to fix it on 20th December and I receive a call from there which inform me that my netbook was well-repaired. I'm damn happy XD

In fact, I got some things to share, but, after the boring couple of days, and the formatted netbook plus on my mood on that few days, I LOST THEM ALL~~~

PS:// I nearly forget to say that, I opened a fashion shop with my sis on Facebook, click Bokko le Fashion to view, give me a full support, thanks! ^^

Sunday, 18 December 2011

What A Weirdo!

I dreamt a weird dream last night...
An adventurous dream...
Do you believe in the presence of vampire?
No matter whether it's like vampire in Twilight

or a chinese vampire

The life after SPM and in holiday is really bored!!!
I have nothing to do, so I watch an old old old HongKong drama which is the story about vampire.

I think most people still remember about this drama....
( I know the picture is a little horrible, but actually the guy at the centre is quite nice looking=) )
Maybe I'm too crazy in the drama, so I dreamt about chinese vampire!
The same dream, I dreamt many times before already. Unbelievable, right?
But the same content, I dreamt timesssssss before!
But this time, the character in my dream has a little surprise. =)
Know Katekyo Hitman Reborn?
The Guardian of Clouds of Vongola, Hibari Kyoya.
( The left one is Hibari of 16 years old, The right one is him in 26)

Gosh! Hibari appeared in my dream! I saw him!!!!!! @@[I gotta crazy!]
I saw him when I was escaping from catching by those vampires and escaping into a housing area...
I was so tired of run a long way, when I stopped and rest awhile, he passed by, he's also escaping from those vampires!
I know he's damn good in fighting, but I also know that the number of vampires were tooooooooooo large!
Everyone knows that one human is bitten by vampire, then he'll become a vampire too!
But more people know that, the english vampire (like the vampire in Twilight) and the chinese vampire are not the same!
English vampires have their own mind, and able to thinking, so the human bitten and turn into vampire, ablt to think too; but chinese vampires are brainless!
All the chinese vampires want is killing human and suck the blood !
That's why I said the number of vampires in my dream is tooooooo large!
A place that weird is, the vampires firstly came just 2, one male, one female.
They have a fixed time to appear and disappear, I dont know what the time is. One I just know is, its day time, and they'll stay for about 1 or 2 hours.
After the period, they'll disappear, I dont know whether they die or just simply disappear as I already said that I was escaping from vampires as far as I can and I also forget how the human bitten become, whether dead or turn into a normal human...
But I know, there will be many dead body as policemen shot them when they are still vampire...

Back to the main, now I'm thinking about the moment I saw Hibari and I'm soooooooo happy and surprise...
Another weird thing, in the dream, when I saw him, I just said 'Eyyy, you're here too?' to him, but in mind, I was saying ' He's escaping from those vampires too?' , it make sense that I already know him for a long time...= =
Like what he would do, he just replied me in a short and light 'humph' ...
The emotion on his face, never changed...

Haha, I know Hibari! ^^

Now, show you all the picture I edited just now.

and this is my friend~

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Tony Moly vs Sensitive Skin

I gotta laugh for my stupidness...
I just found that Cosmetics and skin care brand 'Tony Moly' is T-Ara's...
Well, the brand's AC skin products are really suitable for sensitive skin!
Why I say so?
Because my friend use it!
She has a really great and crazy sensitive skin!
Even scratch on her skin very softly, it still will make her skin look like cane on her skin in a quite large strength within 3 minutes!
Because of the skin, she changed hundreds of skin care products, once the products cant suit her skin, haha..... then the skin of her face will look like skin of toad and the redness on her skin make sense that she got thousands of slaps on her face...
Really crazy!
Even her cosmetics products also quite costly!
The price of cosmetics products she used is the double of Maybelline's @@
And, she cant even use whitening products as she likes, you know, because of her crazy skin!
[Her skin is already fair!]
So, she quite admire to my skin, non-sensitive and pretty!  [XDDD]

But my skin pop out of acne these few days...TT

 Tony Moly CF

[PS : The name 'Tony Moly' make me think of T-Ara's song 'Roly Poly' , and change the lyrics in the chorus 'Roly Poly Roly Roly Poly' into 'Tony Moly Tony Tony Moly' XD]

T-Ara's song 'Cry Cry' is nice in both version !

Friday, 16 December 2011

Kick off the New Year with a brand new gadget! The most amazing iphone is now here #MaxisiPhone4s

It's iPhone 4s! Gosh!
The SIRI make me feel sooooooooo excited!
My friend got an iPhone 4s, her cousin travelled oversea and bought her one!
So haengbok><
I hope to get one too~~~

and now iPhone 4s came to Malaysia and brought to you by Maxis!
Sign up now and get it!

Kick off the New Year with a brand new gadget! The most amazing iphone is now here #MaxisiPhone4s

Babe's here again !

After forgetting two of my blogger account before, here comes with the third one~
Imma great ya?

Now, Im enjoying my holiday (what a bored holiday@@) and excited for the coming CNY!
I'd already bought many clothes for my CNY, but still feel not enough! ><
PADINI tees~


and the other some I dont capture, so just be patient and wait^^
I'm great in shoping@@
My friends are scared of me after going shopping with me.

I'm out of pocket money!
I have to go out and work for my own pocket money!
Everyone knows I'm great in spending money~
As I still want dye my hair, buy shoes and bag yet!
It's soooooo hard to find a nice bagTT
Or can I say that I'm still in love with the bag I saw before?

Well, by the way I;m still managing the blog~
Soooo tough! [for me]
Stay tuned for the next post^^

Well, meet my KIKI <3