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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

New Blog Up!

Thanks god the line in Games Lab here is good enough to let me update this=='''
Why I'm not updating for so long time is all because of the internet line problem...damn it...
How to do when I have my mood on to update blog post?
I opened a new blog on since line here too sucks to open

Sooooo.........My new blog site will be
The only problem doing on wordpress is that, I can't customize and design my blog as I like just as I just choose a simple design on my new blog.

My current posts on the new site will be as below.
Click this for my Kota Kinabalu trip post: Days in KK
Click this for my random post : When It Comes To Malay Language
Click this for my first post of the blog; New Life Opening

I just adapt so well in Labuan, and I found this this is a really lovely place.
It's super safety and peaceful, without any racist issue as we usually see in Peninsular Malaysia, almost zero criminal case in Labuan.
Even you left your car unlock and windows open and park at road side, your car will still staying there safe and sound without any item inside get lost!!!
Policemen here never drink coffee, once you got summoned, you got it and you have to pay for it, without excuses, without dicsount.
I feel like, I love Labuan more and more and more.

Something......funny(?) to share!
The Tamu gadang Festival was just finished in my campus, and I got to try something nice!

My super very first try on Tudung(Hijab?)!!!!!!
I felt awkward><
I bet I'm the first non-Muslin to had a try on that activity in my campus lol.

Then, two seniors(Dance-mate) came along to have a try xD

My first try on Hyena(Inai) Tattoo on that day too!

Had a try on floral crown too!
I never thought I'll look this way with the crown on xD

I will temporarily abandon this blog due to the line problem, but for sure I'll update if the line is good enough for me to update.
Follow my wordpress blog site, for more updates about my life here<3
Since it's a new blog, and I'm staying in hostel, I'll stop most sponsorship of products review.
I think the new site will be more interesting since I'm posting my life instead of commercial-ful thingies....
Even if I post product review post, the products mentioned are bought by myself with my own money for sure.
For now, I got my mood on to post makeup tutorial post!!! But I'm not sure whether I'm hardworking enough to make it =P
Keep on following me ya^^

Thursday, 4 September 2014

20 Facts about Labuan

I'm now in UMS Labuan branch now and having hell like alike orientarion.

Well, after I registered myself one the first day I reached here, me and daddy, who followed me along here to help me out, went out and play around while buying stuff needed.
We spent a night in hotel, yup, not hostel.
We're allowed to stay with parents outside only on 1st Sept and days before. We must back to campus on 2nd Sept since there's a talk for us on the night.

Btw, let me start my topic as the title, and these are what I concluded in my visit.

1. You can find mosque/surau/any prayer place for Muslim everywhere.

2. Better fill your petrol tank of your car once you see petrol station because there're very little petrol station here! Ironically, Petronas has a factory(I'm not sure what it's called properly) of petrol here.

3. Only one hypermarket here, which is Financial Park Shopping Complex. No joke, only one.

4. Mini market everywhere! Those bigger mini market(?) with all the daily stuff sold.

5. Hotels / motels everywhere. Wherever you go, in town, sure you can see hotel!

6. Trees everywhere.

7. Tax-free shop everywhere

8. You see a chinese, wait, the person maybe a Malay. You see a Malay, wait, he person maybe chinese.

9. Local residents add 'bah' after the moat sentences they said.

10. The sky of 6:++am here is the same as that of 8:++am in peninsular Malaysia. The sky of 6:++pm here is the same as that of 8:++pm in peninsular Malaysia as well.

11. Rarely see stray cats and dogs.

12. Criminal cases are very rare here. Unless the suspect is outsider.

13. No traffic jam even peak moment unless road block or accident.

14. Police are rarely found on street.

15. Most of the shops here loves using words 'Labuan' or 'W.P.' or 'Sabah' or whatsoever similar words as the name.

16. Most of the local drivers have no the word 'break' in their dictionary of driving.
17. Peninsular people, you can never understand EM's Malay language!

18. Here's a Pasar Babi(means pork market) here near the market.

19. Very few people in hypermarket(financial park shopping mall) at 7:++pm and many shopssss are closed. Even underground car park has little cars only. Feel weird and creepy since you know how's the condition if in peninsular.

20. Labuan has their own electrical supply company, and also their own mineral water.

I should write 50 facts of Labuan  I think, since there're alotttttt differences between WM and EM. Just wish I able to survive here kay~
I shall stop here or you'll get bored.
And, I think this listing is enough to make you shock xD

Just as if you hope to know more, I'll add more in my another coming posts=)


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Snail Loving!

Okay, let's talk about snail in this post. Ermmm.....not really.
By the way, most of the girls scare of snail.
Maybe it's not 'scare' but 'hate' due to the....look?

Well, I'm one of weird girls, who not scare of snail.
I remember there's an animal preservative class when I was still in form 6, and I played with the snails and put them onto my palm .
They're just too cute!

Snails have a soooooooo great left behind every move they go, that's the secretion.
They have to secretion as lubricant since you all know that snails have no leg, they move by their 'belly', the secretion has a great moisturizing power and is super good lubricant.
The secretion able to repair skin too!
That's the reason why some beauty saloons provide snail facial treatment.
Like this!

I know it's kinda yucky to feel the snail-walk on your face.
So snail secretion facial mask launched!!!!

Well well wel....
It's already a very old news just that I never try a snail essence mask before...==
Until one day, I got sponsorship from HISHOP!!!!

I have to say that, I never think a snail secretion mask can give me any special effect, so the most facial masks I will buy are hydrating or moisturizing masks.
Now, I will say that I will give 100% good comment on snail secretion mask! Or, just DEOPROCE snail paper mask only?

Got my parcel!

The pinky box!

Guess what?
DEOPROCE is one of the brands under Samsung!

ALLLLLLLLLLLL korean....@@

Have a look on the ingredients<3
Thanks god it has English translation =P
It contain 1% of snail secretion filtrate and it sounds very little but 1% is kinda big amount in skincare products actually.

English version available=)))

Gonna have my very first try^^

After washing face, remember to put on toner k~
Toner enhance the absorption of the next skincare steps!

Dab in the toner

Surprisingly, the smell is very refreshing and nice.
Not a so snail smell xP

Honestly, the paper sheet is very soft and high quality.

The paper sheet able to carry a lot the essence liquid without making it drops everywhere!

Another surprise is, unlike other paper mask, it suit my face size!

Apply it onto your face, relax or do what-so-anything for 15 to 20minutes, then take it off.
I think of the repairing ability of the essence so I apply a little amount onto to chapped upper lips.

Actually, no immediate effect except moisture right after apply.
But, the next days, it really wows me.
My chapped upper lip which is due to sensitive according to doctor, recover to its actual condition!
My lips never be so pretty since the sensitiveness occur!
Means, it does repair your skin!
I think I will be DEOPROCE snail paper mask's loyal fans since after this.
I never feel so 100% satisfaction on any facial mask before!

You still can squeeze out one hand-full of essence liquid after application!
I didn't capture the picture since both both my hand are super wet.
Not to waste it, I applied on my neck too =PPP

After all, I am so thankful for HISHOP for giving me DEOPROCE snail paper mask.
Trust me, you will love it after trying it!

For more information and the latest update, please
'Like' HISHOP's facebook at
Follow HISHOP's twitter at
Subscribe HISHOP at

Not to forget, key in the code ELIOISM for 15% off of your purchase on HISHOP which no minimum purchase needed!

Saturday, 23 August 2014


I'm not sure how I should start in this post.
It seems like I got too many things to be updated before I'm heading off to study in Labuan, Sabah.

I'm a beauty and lifestyle blogger more to a fashion blogger.
I hate wearing clothes for only once or twice and left it in my wardrobe.
It's kinda troublesome when I wanna clear them off, like what the condition now which I'm gonna leaving to somewhere far away and only back home twice a year.
I unable to clear them within around 2 weeks time!

I had resign from my day care work since the last Wednesday.
Then, when I'm tidying my clothes, I found some which are still new, and some which is still in a very good condition which I only wore once or twice.
Most of them are short pants, short skirts and dresses and sleeveless top, which I can't wear them in school area.
Instead of leaving them in the wardrobe for around 3 years, I chose to let them go at a cheap price, for those who want
So I posted it around and also on my facebook wall.

Someone silly commented down the post and asked me, whether I'm going to studying or selling clothes?
I was like, is this any relevant to you, of what I'm doing?
Then I replied the person that, I'm just clearing my clothes or how I'm gonna deal with them in the 3 years?

Then that person said, won't I back home? or can give them to my sister?
This is dammit f*cking hell.....  I only back home once to twice a year, some more I have too much clothes already. And, everyone saw my sister before, know that she is much taller than me, and the size is also bigger than me. I'm wearing big S to small M, but she's wearing L to small XL. How you want her to wear my size?! Idiot isn't it?
I just replied, back home twice a year? I have too many clothes already. Is my sis look like my size?

Then I'm not sure the person found that her action already annoyed me or not. He/she replied me that, how can I say about my sis that way~ Kao lat (hokkien, meaning kinda like, not good or over)
I directly replied that, he/she was the one who mentioned my sis first.

Then he/she said, he/she mentioned my sis first but I'm the one who describe my sis that way and my sis will be sad if she sad that.
Dahell..... Is the person saying that I'm insulting my sis about her size? It's much more hurt if I give her my small size clothes okay! Use your brain! Don't act kind!
I tried to calm my anger and replied, that's obvious truth. Anyone can see the difference between our size.

He/She said, at the time I back home, my sis's size may become as same as mine.
I just replied that I don't want to take the risk, how if she's not? Who gonna deal with my clothes?
I replied this way, because I understand my sister well. She's not the type who will deliberately diet, and, her bone is big in size, and this makes her L even she's skinny.
That person then just said hahahaha.

Honestly, that person is older than me, but I think her EQ and even IQ is lower than mine.
Yes, I'm a hot-tempered girl, but I don't trying to disturbing people in that way!
What I did is my own business! If he/she has the ego not to take second hand stuff, doesn't mean that others act the same too!
I don't mind to take second hand stuff, as long as it is still in a very good condition.
Some more, the picture of the pants I posted are brand new! I bought it but just never have chance to wear them! So what's the big deal if let those who want to take them in a much cheaper price, which I bought them at RM30++ each but letting go at RM15 each!

Not to tell that, I was once think that, he/she is  a very good big brother/sister because he/she experience more so  he/she can gimme more knowledge.
Just the first time he/she broke his/her image, was the comment under my online business post.
I sell Pobling facial cleansing brush online, in RM90 including postage.
I posted a picture which caption about that, he/she commented and said that, he/she only get his/her stock at RM50 each. (He/she has his/her online business too)

Why the hell you comment that under my post? Try to grab customers or attention?
Never tell me that you gonna sell your Pobling at RM50 okay!

I replied, I get mine in much higher price, so I'm selling it in higher price.
He/she then said, is that I get my stock more than RM50?
I replied him/her that I do get mine in price higher than RM50.
He/she just said that he/she get a lower price than mine.

I was thinking, is that you wanna show off? or grab customers or attention? or try to attract me to get stock from him/her?

I directly replied him/her, said that, since I have my trust-able supplier and stock, I don't mind to get it in higher price.

Then, the same as the same I complaining above, he/she just replied, HA HA HA HA.

I remembered last time, he/she told me that, there're people talking her bad online and spread around.
He/she even said that, he/she has a better background to attack those who spreading the bad, via online.

SO, now I understand why there're people complaining about him/her.
Before these happened on me, I thought there're people who love spreading fake news.
After these happened, I know that, it's his/her manner problem.

You're a big boy/girl, even older than me. Stop being silly la!

Well, in fact, I wanna write a korean mask review in this post, but not sure why it's turning a grumbling post. Duh...

It's okay, I'll post about that in the next post.
And will prepare for my 'favourite products' post and also thinking of 'skincare routine' post.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Way To Go!

Okay, a good news to tell that........I'd get government university's offer!!!

Since that announced, sooooooooo lot of preparation needed, like...
Documents and copies that need to be proven.
Bank accounts.
Registration for uni and PTPTN.
Clothes and thingies needed.
Packing luggage which I may worry if I miss out anything.
Lastly, BUCKS!

Hye, I'm not sure what I wanna post about here, just...I feel like wanna talk something(talkative?)
But I suppose to be busying in filling forms right now! Just.....dragging some minutes of rest from those troublesome thing.....=(

I'm too worry of I make something mistakes in the documents and the registration since I'm going so far away from my home and no one will gonna make everything right if something terrible happen.
I kept on check and check and check just to look for something mistake to be corrected.
I dare not to click 'send' or 'yes'.

Another thing to be felt sad is, mommy not allowing me to bring my short pants there even if I'm wearing them in my hostel room only!
I really really really dislike middle length pants lol.

My mind is too messy now and suddenly I think of this, and then think of that.
Now I'm thinking to change my blog's design...duh....

Ahhhhhhh! Not to forget to mention about the medical checkup!
I went the government hospital today to ask for medical checkup for university, it cost RM100 and the result can only come out after 1 week time!!!
Then, I end up going to private which cost lower and the result come out faster...=='''

Had deal with the documents stuff the whole day and now still dealing with them, and tomorrow also will be the same....

I think the next deal station will be my super duper messy room......
Pack all stuff needed and throw or keep those not.
Btw, I'm gonna had a review about a feel good facial mask<3
Stay tuned ya<3

Thursday, 17 July 2014

All Because of SUN!

From the title, you'd know what I wanna talk about, and it's a problem which most people face no matter races.

I have a fair skin, BUT, this is the reason why I need more protection since lack of the protection from the pigment, melanin. Somehow, most people wish for a fair skin, than a darker skin.

Okay, let me tell you some facts.

'UV' is no longer a new word for us.
UV can be classified into 3: UVA, UVB and UVC.
UVC - mostly get filtered by the ozone layer, don't worry.
UVB - 'works' only on the thin outer layer of skin, which cause only outer problem like getting darker and sun burn.
UVA - deadly dangerous, 'works' into the skin, which will cause aging and skin cancer.

Because of these shitty things, WE NEED SUN PROTECTION PRODUCTS!!!

Do you ever know that, sun protection product is grouped into 2 - chemically and physically.
Chemically sun protection product is so called sunscreen.
Physically sun protection product is called as sunblock.

What's the differences between sunscreen and sunblock?
Sunscreen ( chemically )
Lighter texture which is much watery
Penetrate into skin to act as UV filter
Works about 15~30 minutes after applying cause penetration takes time
Mostly higher in protection value
Contain paba which may harm the skin

Sunblock ( physically )
Heavier texture which is like cream or lotion
Form barrier on skin to reflect UV
Works upon apply
Mostly has no certain protection value since it's just a barrier
Contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide

Which is better for skin?
From my research, sunblock will be more kind to skin. Sunblock is not absorbed into skin so won't cause any bear for skin.

What's SPF and PA?
SPF stand for sun protection factor, which mean for UVB. The number value after 'SPF' is the multiple of times which your skin get burned. Example, your skin takes 10 minutes to get burned, after you apply a SPF20 product, the time your skin takes to get burned is x20, means 10 minutes x 20 = 200 minutes.
PA is for UVA, each + symbol after 'PA' stand for around 2 hours. So, when you get a PA ++ product, your skin is protected from UVA for about 4 hours.
You must reapply sun product before the protection period end to ensure the protection.

Is that higher protection value the better?
Not really, choose what you need is better than choosing something you want. Because extra 'protection' which is no needed will only bring bear for your skin. If you're going to school or work, which you spend most of the time indoor, a product with SPF25 PA++ is enough. If you're going to spend a long time outdoor, then a product with SPF50(or above) and PA+++ is perfect.
Just, nothing last forever, remember to reapply.

In this post, I wanna recommend a sun protection product.
Guess what inside?


Tadaaaaaa!!! It's Sun Off A Beach Anti-Aging Sunblock from hishop!

At the back!

The design of the packing is very handy with this hook(?) so you can hang it on your bag to be brought along anywhere.

Hang it like this!

To be brought anywhere!
So you won't forget it at home~

Sun Off A Beach is kinda new for Malaysian but it's a common brand in USA!
What's wow-er? It's Malaysia product!
It have different range of sunblock, which are sensitive, anti-aging, sports and kids!
I choose anti-aging, because I SCARE OFF AGING!
I'm the typical girl who sleep super duper Justin Bieber late at night, which will lead to the lose of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin! So I need extra care in this since I'm no longer a teen!

Don't judge a book by it's cover! Let's look what's inside!
It's a sunblock with SPF50, PA not stated but I think it can sure protect my skin since it's forming a barrier on my skin! Contain no paraben (good!), no paba (of course since it's a sunblock!), oil free (great for me! anti-aging doesn't mean oily) and water resistant!!! It even contain ceramides which able to keep skin hydrated! So the water in my skin won't evaporate? Haha!!!! Lousy joke...==

So sad, the ingredients are not stated...=(
Nevermind! I have google!
Ingredients: Titanium oxide, aqua, Polyster-8, Phenoxyethanol, Allantoin, Ceramide, Shea Butter, Squalane, Penthlene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Fragrance.

I was about surprised after knowing the ingredients! You can see, alot skin-loving ingredients like allantoin, ceramide, shea butter, and even squalane!!!!!! another one is sodium hyaluronate which will turn to hyaluronic acid!!!
It's a truly sunblock since the main sun protection ingredient is titanium dioxide!
Can you get another reason to not having one? Honestly, I can't. Especially as I'm living in this super duper justin bieber hot country!

Apply method and time for reapply: Refer to the back of the bottle=)))

Now, let's try it out!

Apply a small abit on my hand.

Swatch. It turns too much...@@
Very easy to swatch off, very light.

The before and after. -with flashlight on.
As you can see, it's slightly whiten my skin.
It leave very minimum greasy feel on my skin if compare to other sunblock.
Mention another time, sunblock will form barrier on the skin and won't be absorbed into skin.
So, it'll leave a little greasy feel on you cause the lotion is still on your skin!
Sunblock will 'whiten' your skin because it's left on the skin, unlike sunscreen.
Luckily it not turn my skin super white haha xD
It's really non-oily, just the feeling of baby lotion haha!

Try the smell. As the package show, I still thought it will be like very strong smell.
But nope, the smell is very very very light and even make me think that it maybe contain no fragrance!
I can't use very fragrance-tic thing cause it'll cause my skin itchy.
This sunblock contain fragrance but is very little amount and not causing any discomfort on my skin. =)

I even tried it on my boyfie's hand xD
ps: I'd put too much for him...=.=

Overall, as I said, I can't find any reason to not have it. No rubbish chemical like other sun protection products. Light fragrance. A lot skin loving ingredients(especially squalane!!!). Super reasonable price. Non-oily. Not harming skin. Non-pore clogging. Suitable any skin type. Very handy and portable. Light texture. Absolutely the best sunblock I ever used!

THANKS to Hishop for this lovely thing^3^

To go hishop for a look, click here.
To have a look on Sun Off A Beach on hishop, click here.
To go to Sun Off A Beach official site, click here.

'Like' hishop on facebook, click here.
Follow hishop on twitter, click here.
Subscribe hishop, click here.

Clicking won't cost you even a cent is it??? =PPP

WAIT!!!!!!Not the end yet!
Here's some information I got from Sun Off A Beach official site!
Credit to sun off a beach.

For my dearest readers who read until the end, here's exclusive for you all^^
Use this code for an exclusive 15% rebate for your purchase at Hishop!

Happy Shopping^^

Any question? Do kindly comment below=)

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mutter on the Skin

Not a review post, nor the next part of the previous post, but just to mutter about my opinion on skin care thingies.

It may increase your curiosity towards my next post. Perhaps. I hope so, lol.

I was called as an expert about skin things among my friends, but I know, there're much many person who are much more expert-er than me.

Most of the brands found in the drugstore like Watsons and Guardian, in my area, I'd tried. I didn't say 'products' but 'brands'.
Not the chicken essence pls.

There're many people out there who want so eagerly to get a super good products, at a super cheap price.
Is it possible? I didn't say not.

Anyway, how can you so want to get a counter brand's standard things at a super cheap price?
Unless,  you make it yourself, then it will be foc.

I don't have a super good skin, but it's transforming.  Not all my products are pricy, as you can know from my post.
Maybe there're a few cosy things but I'll make sure the price is worth the products, or not.
I won't pay hundreds on something shit that won't works on me. I paid that, once, on a pimple gel. It's very very small bottle, sure, not over hundreds, but if it's 30ml, for sure over hundreds.
It doesn't work, f*ck that. Regret til die.

When I was younger in age, I  used to buy a lot of skin care things and try them up.
For sure, sometimes it will be like I throw the money into the sea which end up nothing, or shit. But there are also many times that I paid a cheap price for a very good thing which really works on my face.

I love to try out skin products, for sure I wish to try all the products in store. I know that is impossible although those products are very cheap but when add them up, it turns very pricey.
I know it couldn't be, so, for now, I won't like simply enter the store and use my sixth sense to search for products.

I may have not a cosy face wash, but for serum thingies and the washing tools, I really willing to spend the money, but first I must make sure that they work well.

How do I make them sure?
I do alot of research through google!
Google is the best friend, always!
I read bloggers' reviews, I read the users' reviews, I read the article of the products, I read the ingredients.  When I can have around 80% positive thinking towards tha certain products, I'll buy.
Or, I'll wait for the promo season until it's sold at a cheaper price.
I don't hope to throw my hard-earn money into sea like that.

I'd told, I love to try out products. So I rarely continue using a certain products after finishing the first container, unless I really love it.
There're quite many 'current love' products, which may turn into my 'forever love' products.

I'd new bought 2 bottles of face cleanser, which can be used as body wash too.
I got them from my god sister, which the cleansers are home-made by her friend.
It's really homemade, my god sister visited the place she made the products before.
Organic, no chemical.
Somemore, the most lovely words,  cheap price.
I'm thinking to bring them in for selling purpose.
Imma skincare-holic, I, for sure wishing to get a good and effective yet cheap price products, that's why I want to bring them in.
And also Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser too.
I once unable to afford any face cleansing brush since even manual brush cost alot.
I hope more people able to get it in so I'm bring the brush in too!
*Leave me a comment if your interested in any of them, or you can email me at or wechat me: ElioJ too*

For further question like, why using a brush instead of hand? Or, why there're certain organic products causing trouble on my skin?
I'm gonna answer them in the next post cause if I write them here, there will be nothing to be discussed about in tje next post!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My Current Lovey Product

Hello peeps!
It's been a long time I didn't update with my lappie duh.
I'm not sure whether my title of this post is appropriate.
Anyway, I wanna show you all, some of my current favie products! <3

From left:
Ginvera Green Tea Repair and Nourish Night Cream,
Yoko Spa Milk Salt,
Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo,
Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser,
Olay Aquaction Moisturizer

 If you do follow my fb, or istagram, for sure you'll know that I do love Redoxy f*cking much among these all, why? What it actually is? I'll tell in the next post xD
I'm separating the post in parts just to not make you all bored of reading a long long post!

First, Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo.
Not an ordinary shampoo, it's Paul Mitchell!
It's an USA hair academy brand which produce high quality products!
It's not as famous as Shiseido in Asia countries but it's quite well-known in USA.
Though it's cheaper(ermm...slightly?) than Shiseido, but it's better!
Google for more!

As it show, suitable for color treated hair.
YES, it does! Maybe most of the Asian users won't get it since most Asian won't color their hair into a very light color as well as color which faded easily like red-base color.
I colored my hair red before, and yes, also purple before. So I can feel the difference!
It do protect your hair and the color well!

I get it from my boyfie which is a hairdresser, and a Paul Mitchell lover.

What it looks like.
Unlike other hair shampoo which has a thick texture, it's watery-ier than other shampoo!
The smell is fresh, I mean, not like the fragrance-ish smell.
Those who used to use those thick liquid type and get to form alot lather one, may not used to it but it works well!

Second, Ginvera Green Tea Repair and Nourish Night Cream.
Opss, I forgot to take the front picture lol /.\

Honestly, I'm not really a night cream lover, before using this.
My first try on this, was given a sample pack from my dad as he got it as free when bought a magazine.
He then just gave the sample packs, which included also Ginvera Green Tea day cream and their sun shield. But what really get into me is the night cream.

It does repair the skin, enhances the skin texture and protects the skin well.
I can feel the difference between using a night cream and not, so when finish the sample pack, I'm gonna, buy it? Nope, ask my boyfie to buy me! duh.....feels like I have no money to buy a cheap thing...=.=

In fact, at the time, was Valentine Day, and my boyfie, as a hairdreser, wanna gimme some pricey hair care products, of course, I refused to get them.
He's just too stubborn to get me something as Valentine Day gift, so, instead of pricey things, I rather choose some cheap things. 

It's kinda thick, means creamy texture, yet not oily at all as it's water-base.
Though it's fragrance-ish smell , as long as it works well, I'm not really bother it and it's smell not really strong.

Third, Yoko Spa Milk Salt.
Again, I forgot to take front picture...=.='''
Too excited to show the details.
I love body scrub, even my favourite body wash, is also body scrub!
But I feel the body scrub is tooooooooo gentle and may not really clean all the dirts, so I bought this in extra cleaning.
It's a Thailand well-known skin products brand.
Though Thailand is only at above Malaysia, but it's hard to get Yoko products here lol...=.=
I saw many local online shops selling it in a kinda high price, it's kinda not worthy if I just wanna try it.
FINALLY, one day, I went City Plaza to shop around with my dearest boyfie, I found it!!!!!!
A pack like this only sold at RM5, wtf?! So cheap!
With no hesitate, I got it in my cart XD

It smells very good! Like a milk candy smell, no cheat, no any salty smell!
It's yellowish milky color.
I pour all the salt into another container cause I don't think zip locker pouch-bag is really not convenient. The salt may stuck in the zip and make the bag unable to close!
I think it's maybe a refill pack, so the design of the bag is not a problem=)
Every time when I using it, I feel like having a milk candy bath<3

For the review of other products, will be written in next post<3
Stay Tuned